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Ofsted - EYPP & Fundemental British values


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i all, I attended ofsted big conversation yesterday in the northwest, brilliant turnout (600+). Thought I'd put some points down, might be helpful to others.


FBV: ofsted said this will be mainly assessed in:

- knowledge & understanding of the world & PSED.

- website (content inclusive or not, diversity & equality respected)


Some e.g given:

manager asked to name different groups of people? 'A' Boys & girls, sen, ethnic minority etc would be considered as promoting mutual respect.

SEN - working with families = 'democracy'

Books on child's level = 'Individual liberty'

independence at snack time, children interest = individual liberty

Children's interest = democracy

Rules, managing feelings & behaviour = rule of law

Respecting children's choice & interest = individual liberty.


A practitioner was asked why wording in different languages is displayed, unfortunately she couldn't answer, inspector was hoping to see her knowledge on mutual respect.


Boys & girls playing with dolls = individual liberty

Many more e.g were given but hoping you get the idea.



EYPP: key message was 'it isn't very different to what we do already' (whatever that means)


This will be reported in leadership & management.

Key area they will look into for these children is language & communication.


How they will check inpact:

Quality of provision for early language and literacy


Physical environment and resources (1 setting used the money to buy uniform for EYPP child so he doesn't feel left out, inspector was v happy with this)

Parental involvement (how well you know background)

Tracking - 6 months down the line what difference has it made

Tracking - these children are tracked separately. You can identify gap is closing.

Attendance - is monitored


HMI said if parent don't sign form it will not have impact on inspection.


DBS - not necessary to check every 3 years as long as suitability check is done regularly.


Inspector will usually contact nursery setting to give notice.


Hopping these few points are helpful!

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