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Best resources for pre-school room


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Hi all,


We are looking to order some new resources for our pre-school room and would love to hear what resources your preschoolers love!


Thanks in advance.

Well if it says Peppa Pig on it that was a winner! Brio, Happyland, the dreaded Frozen, posh teaset (and a few rich tea biscuits and weak squash tea). dinosaurs and more dinosaurs. Anything to mix up (wet sand, coloured water, soapy foam) playdough

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I buy stainless steel kitchen things from catering catalogues and other places. Barbeque tongs are popular with us to pick up large spruce cones (which opened in the heat inside and spread seeds on the floor!) Ice cube tongs are fun too - ours make a 'double clicking' sound, so can be also used as instruments! Funnels and colanders for dry sand. Potato ricers and garlic presses for playdough. Triangular, square and round cake shapes for wet sand and playdough. (Put on top of each other, partly covering, they make new shapes.)

Large syringes from medical suppliers for spraying water and smaller paint rollers for covering planks and cement floors. Guttering for rolling large wooden balls and wooden eggs, which wobble. Black oventrays with a smooth base and rounded corners for making marks in coloured sand. Pieces of fabric for dressing up. (We have no other dressing up clothes than those the children make themselves or scarves, having to tie knots and help each other.) Wooden coloured beads with leather string. Transparent coloured glass beads, large and small, to arrange. Magnets and bits of pipe cleaners.

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