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I have been asked to do Learning Walks in the settings as part of my monitoring. I was wondering if others do this and if you do what do you look for? Does any have a template they use to record down what they saw etc. If anyone has a template are you willing to share?


Thank you in advance :-)

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learning walk is not a phraseology I have come across before .....could you elucidate please! ;)

It's rather like doing an observation, but instead of staying in one place you walk around the setting/school and focus on a particular theme, e,g, engagement of boys. Then once you have your evidence you can make an overall judgement about impact of environmnet, teaching etc. I like them because if something I am observing is clearly poor I can quickly move on!!


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thanks catma...when I googled it I got some interesting info on observing adults not children!!!!



Yes not what I was expecting either Finleysmaid! Then spent quite some time lost in pininterest - as much as I love it, I hate that it sucks me in each time like some kind of time warp

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I did something very similar whilst researching Mosaic observations for my Foundation Degree. Once you've done it, it's hard to go back to basic observations.

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