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Netflix..Wolverine....and 3 year olds...

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Help please....think i am getting old as we have just turned 3 year old attending full time...who watches Netflix regularly with his dad....vampires just after christmas he cut 2 slivers of paper and put at side of his mouth (we had to laugh....encouraging boys and all that) I am a vampire...and that started the netflix conversation.....last week....he was imitating Wolverine....asked if it is scary.....'in parts teacher..but i just hide beheind settee then ' Other children have no idea about Netflix....am i being old fashioned or is he too young for this viewing ? Opinions valued...

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We had similar a few years ago. A very young mum and dad were allowing their 3 year old boy to watch X Files, he would come in talking about Scully and Mulder, of course, he had nothing in common with the other children he was trying to play with! That would frustrate him and his behaviour could get rather negative. We did mention it to mum and I am sorry to say she gave us a look that said we were rather fuddy duddy! The trouble here is the tv companies have to abide by a watershed time, but parents don't now that there are so many ways to watch programmes, the children could be watching vampires before they come to pre-school or just before their bedtimes.

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This is a subject that has given me great cause for concern -in the past I have also had a child who was allowed to watch all sorts of completely unsuitable films - filling his poor little brain with all sorts of things he couldn't cope with - makes me terribly sad - a word with mum and dad is definitely in order in my humble - whether or not they listen is, of course another matter.......

As ever, log your concerns and a record of your conversation

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We had this the other day.

Child yawning -I'm tired

staff- Perhaps you need to go to bed early tonight

child- no, i cant 'cos I have to watch Hollyoaks


When I mentioned it to the parent she said "Oh I know- she love sit- I keep putting (xyz0 on other TV but she insists on watching it with me' and laughed.

I find this quite extraordinary- my daughter not so long ago was trying to get me to back her up in telling her daughter who was 14 at the time, that it wasn't suitable viewing for someone of her age. To be honest i was pretty speechless of all the soaps to watch.

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We had a nursery child whose favourite film at three was the rocky horror picture show!

Mum said she had never let him watch it but he could sing all the songs and dance the dances. . .

Same family were letting him and the six year old play on Xbox games meant for those over 18!!!!


The nursery child has very sexualised behaviour and on more than one occasion has mentioned films he has seen that are not suitable for his age.

Lots of behavioural issues.. . . .


I don't know why parents allow it... Though again many parents do not say no and stick to it!

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