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When to record accidents


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Hi there seems to be some confusion at work about what to record. I could'nt find anything concrete to say what we should record. Ie if a child trips and has a small graze, do you record that. Obviously anything that's required treatment ie cuts, head injuries ECt goes in but what about the small stuff ?

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We record everything Ofsted looked at ours asked us if we monitored for a pattern and if we changed anything H&S wise which we do and had done some actions on these was impressed .

I think its important to record even minor injuries as they can change we had a child fall at the beginning of a session dad was still there and signed an accident form, she had small red mark at the side of her jaw. She was ok played and ate her snack mum picked her up she played at home had a bath and ate her meal all seemed ok. Next morning very irate mum turned in she had had to go to hospital that morning as her daughter couldn't open her mouth she had a hairline fracture of her jaw. She was cross with us said we should have rung her after she had hurt herself, we showed her the accident report with dads signature (they obviously didn't talk) he could have took her home then but like us he thought it was minor she herself said she had not noticed it at home herself. Mum could see that we had followed procedure and the child only showed symptoms after she had slept and it had swollen overnight. My point is it looked very minor and as if it didn't need a form but she could have been trouble if we hadn't that proof. Hence why we fill in and monitor safeguards everyone.

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We record everything. parents sign to say they have been told and they are given a copy ( we use the Playgroup Network's Accident book which has two pages, to provide a carbon copy) We keep the copy and the parent is given the original, so if they have to go to the doctor, or hospital, they have the paperwork from the person who dealt with it.

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