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  1. Questionnaire

    Hi I would like to do a short digital questionnaire to parents about the setting. Has anyone used one before and what sort of questions did you ask. Struggling to narrow it down
  2. Hi Do you know of any stories with positional language in them please?
  3. Appraisals

    Hi I just wondered if it is a requirement to have an appraisal or just a supervision? Sharron
  4. Nursery systems

    Hi I am looking to change our book keeping systems to an easier model. Please can I ask what systems you use for finances, emails etc TIA
  5. Appraisals

    Thank you. Can I ask what you feel the benefit is between the two? Would a supervision suffice? Or should we be going through Job description etc in an appraisal rather than a general catch up in a supervision. Felling confused as to what to do?!?
  6. I have sat or a while looking on the internet for fresh fine motor activities and drawing a blank! Please can anyone share how they develop fine motor skills and what opportunities they provide. Thanks
  7. Hi we have been thinking of inviting parents in to stay for a morning with us to share what we do in a session. I wondered if anyone has done this before and how they prepared for it? I was thinking of having information in areas of the provision for parents to read what learning could take place. Thanks in advance
  8. Parent visit week

    Thank you Rebecca. DO you have anything out for parents to see learning intentions?
  9. Hi I am going round in circle trying to find a way to record and monitor our pupil premium children and how we spend the money allocated. Please could anyone direct me to a site or share how they do it please? I am turning greyer by the hour!​
  10. pupil premium record keeping

    Many thanks for this I noticed some key ideas of areas coming though such as CPD, Curriculum, Life experiences and home links. Are these specific areas to focus in on? For example if I had a child who wanted to attend an additional session such as music and it was chargeable, I could use the money for this. Or a child that struggles with toilet training I could buy some resources or lump the money towards training needs for staff? Just to clarify I need to identify children, the amount eligible, what the setting will do, what is the impact .....If that makes sense?!?
  11. Do you delete children or deactivate children at the end of each academic year? :rolleyes: I don't know which one to do.
  12. Hi I wondered if anyone could recommend a healthy setting scheme we could be involved in? We have real trouble with lunchboxes and felt if we have a scheme that parents could be involved in then it would take the heat out us 'preaching!' Thanks
  13. Hi Please could anyone help me with where we can find a schmeme to promote healthy eating. Our setting is a preschool and children have lunch boxes but they are getting worse with the contents. TIA
  14. Hi I want to give my staff a little something to say thank you for everything after a tough year. Do you have any suggestions? I did see somewhere a little bag with things like a marble in case you loose one of yours, a tea bag to help get you through the day etc but cant seem to find it, TIA
  15. Toileting

    Hi I have a little bit of money to spend and wanted to get somethings that would make toilet trainign a better place (If that makes sense) I have some children who are struggling one child at 4 still in nappies, another who is three and scared of the toilet and one who has no interest at all. Any suggestions?
  16. Hi Just wondering if anyone uses read write inc in a setting and could offer any advice on where to start. Thanks
  17. Hi we are loking at how we can communicate better with our staff team. Is there a way on tapestry that we can talk to each other and share information? Does anyone have any ideas they copuld share. Thanks
  18. Hi We have a mixture of hudls and ipads and am slightly concerned about the back up systems on there with regards the photos on the tablets. Should we turn the back up off so photos are not stored? Just feeling a little nervous there the photos on the tablets awaiting to be posted in observations should they not be stored in the 'cloud?' Thanks
  19. Hi does anyone know any good activites to support the world for 3-4 year olds please Thanks
  20. The world

    Sorry should have said - its more the physical world. In particular the statement below. I am learning to notice and talk about similarities and differences between places/objects/materials/ plants and plants
  21. Hi How can we find out if there is a setting close to us we could visit? Thanks
  22. Hi I added a group observation and added it to journal then realised I needed to split it for comments. However some parents liked it before I split it and now that I have spilt it it says three likes on each observation? Will that update itself to no likes or should I do something?
  23. Hi when you consider Exploring and using media and materials what sort of things do you do / offer children who are 3.5- 4.5 yrs old. thanks
  24. Hi I want to enhance this area of learning and wandered if you had any ideas to enhance my provision. I thought I could use Goldilocks to look at size and comparison. Thanks
  25. He we are planning a huge revamp of outside, garden, playground, green space. We want to incorporate a focus on nature, growing and looking after our environment. I just do not know where to start?!? Are there companies who would transform a space, what could we do to make it sustainable? Any ideas would be gratefully received.