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Revised EYFS sept 2014?


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Yes, this was mentioned in the last response to one consultation or other, I cant recall the name but it was the one which talked about relaxing the ratios for after school clubs, and not needing registration for 2 year olds in schools. Also around the regulation of childminders. If I dig it out Ill do the link.

I dont think the response about baselines is out yet but that is also likely to change the assessment arrangements, but I don't know if that's going to be for 2014 or later.


I think the children and families bill was passed this week so its might be in there.

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Can someone confirm for me whether practitioners that are being counted in ratio as having a level 3 qualification, also have to have GCSE's in Mathematics and English? It seems to be added as an afterthought in a footnote.

Also, if this is the case, how do small preschools accommodate this if staff already working do not have GCSE's and cannot achieve these by September?

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