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Get ready for Children in Need 2013.


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Its that time of year again folks, and in time honoured fashion the forum mods and HQ have been squirreling away working out what we should do this year.


Just this week, we have spent literally... minutes devising this years activities.


So here's what you can look forward to:

  • A Children in need story. We have done a few of these over the year and they are always funny, and you can dip in and out of it as you wish.
  • A caption competition. You'll have to wait and see what that's all about!
  • Some frivolity in chat. Ill be blowing up balloons this evening if anyone wants to help! Can we beat the previous record of how many people we can get in the chat room?
  • An FSF version of Would I lie to you? Well I have no idea how that works, I think the lovely Beau is in charge of that one.


There will be the usual FSF-ware prizes popping up from time to time.


But we all know why we are here. Its all to raise money for children in need. Yes lets have lots of laughs too, but please do what you can to support this great charity. I'll be shamelessly nagging from time to time during the evening.


You can donate by following the link below

Please give to Children in Need



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As mundia says, there will be Children in Need fun in the chat room tomorrow. I'll be awarding 'spot prizes' although I'll be keeping the criteria for the prizes secret of course. You might win for mentioning the secret code word, or for commenting on something that is happening on the BBC Children in Need TV extravaganza. Who knows* - the only rule is that I need to be the first person to enter chat. So if you pop by and I'm not there, wander off again, get something to drink and wait for me to turn up. Just don't eat all the twiglets til I get there.

So. It all starts at 8 o'clock. See you there? OK, bye.

* Well I do. Obviously.

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I think i must have been in some sort of bubble ...i didn't know this was on tomorrow! :o Is it my imagination or has there not been much advertising this year....haven't had anything at pre-school! :bananas:

It does seem a lot more low-key this year. We only had one small pack that almost got overlooked.

Our problem is we knew it was the 15th........... but we thought we still had a few more weeks :o

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i have just realised i have a trustees meeting tomorrow evening so i will have to join in the frivolities later!...we have had a fundraising event on this week and have another next week so perhaps it's just as well i haven't organised anything ! :blink:

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