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The door bell rang today!

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Please ask away if you have any questions, but really we just went with it - nothing out of the ordinary! Throwing it down with rain this morning so very aware that we didn't follow our normal routine and gave the children the choice whether they went outside where as normally we take them all outside - our outside area is fantastic (if I do say so myself) so it was a shame we couldn't use it to its full potential but when I spoke to the inspector afterwards she was happy with what we had done - she did however say that it may have been a different story had we just decided that because of the rain nobody would go out...

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She wanted to see learning journeys, CRB/DBS details - I have an A4 sheet with staff listed, with address, D.O.B, date of CRB/DBS and number and company who carried it our e.g. TMG CRB. Certificate for safeguarding co-ordinator, First Aid (actually she just looked at staff files as I asked whether she wanted me to take out all the certificates and she said the files would be easier). We don't have a SEF and she was more than happy with our operational plan/our own self evaluation - complaints file, policy file and I think that was pretty much it... do you mean references gained for new staff - she didn't want to see these but asked about my recruitment procedure and was happy that I request two references and follow them up with a phone call - does that answer you question? x

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Well done Priory and team :1b :1b


Major panic but certificate for safeguarding co-ordinate???! Have I missed something? Am I supposed to have attended some course?

In our LA we have to have a designated safeguarding named person, and they have *extra* training - I'm guessing this is what priory means?

*** to be honest - I'm pretty sure our was almost the same as the normal safeguarding :blink:

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Oh I have attended group b training which is what our local authority requires managers to attend. I do have my certificate for that.


Was having a major panic lol. Were due Ofsted and already had a rather alarming phone call today from them so really didn't want any more stress.

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Sorry to panic you! Yes, just to prove that I have completed the level 3 safeguarding training!


Wildflowers - I really wouldn't worry about the reference information as long as you know you have got them! Are your individual staff files not kept on site then as this is where I keep reference, application forms, training certificate, appraisal/supervision records....

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