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There I was quite happily setting up about 8.30 one fine Monday morning waiting for my other members of staff to arrive when the door opened about 8.40am and a lady walked in...... She introduced herself as the Ofsted inspector :o My heart is in my boots at this time but my head is going 'hey ho, nothing you can do about it now!!' My two members of staff walk in and it's like 'oh s**t let's get it over with then'. I try to phone my chairwoman who has fallen off the face of the earth on the one morning I need her!! By this time she is outside talking to the parents whilst we have a very impromptu staff meeting in the hall. I send one member of staff to set up outside and have to remember that the other one's dbs check hasn't arrived so have to delegate her to kitchen tasks!!

I text my deputy and let the children in and off we go..... My deputy phones and says she is on her way in which was great as she was able to find all of the paperwork needed whilst I concentrated on running the session. My chairwoman arrives in a flap as she has appointments all day but can be back at the end of session. In hindsight this was really good as if she had of been there it would have unnerved both of us.

The end of session comes and she starts to give us feedback and then says she will tell us the grading as the other two members of staff were getting ready to go home. So...... we all sit in the hall and she states that we have got a ........'Good' a solid 'Good'. :D A great big cheer went up at that point.

The feedback was very positive and for the first time in many many years we are not just a satisfactory pre-school but a GOOD one.

Blinking typical as well that we were waiting for our report and as we hadn't got it phoned up and it was one of the ones that had been chosen to be moderated :huh:

Thank goodness that is over with and we can now start working on becoming 'Outstanding' :D



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