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First Day officially back


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Today I go back to managing a preschool setting after 18 months away!

For various reasons and circumstances I left a nursery I loved managing, a nursery that my team worked to get an Outstanding setting......anyway that was then.

I've taken a break and had a year teaching in a school and today I return to manage a preschool again; no children today but staff meeting and preparing the room. It's a very small setting away from my area which I'm soooooo looking forward to managing.

I've been on this forum for donkeys but under a different name previously - the wonderful people here helped me more than I can say before and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be calling on my friends again.

Wish me luck......,,

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Have a fantastic time, like u I love managing my setting, even though I have to do 2 jobs as it is only part time , I'm to passionate about it to leave.


I am back tomorrow , can't wait


Have fun and good luck x

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