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I'd endorse mrsbat, Buttercup. Weebly's basic version is free and you can do some quite remarkable stuff without going up to the premium version. Worth a try - no web development experience needed. If your daughter has some reasonable word processing and IT skills she should be able to put something good together.

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Sorry been away again! Right up my street webdesign so hence my comments:


Yes wordpress is a very easy way to produce a blog website.. with thousands of designs you can use to customise it, and also widgets to improve it.


A blog is a great way to keep people informed on a regular basis with news regarding your nursery or linking local info etc..


Very simple and a good choice in my opinion.


I must add it is not a good option for a great looking static website..

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That's a very nice looking site! Did you put it together yourself? :1b


Thanks - I did (well, the template was one of the ones available on wordpress!). Our last website was appalling, and being the only one who has the faintest idea about websites I drew the short straw. We needed something that had a very simple user interface behind the website so anyone who needed to could pick it up quite quickly - this is where HTML falls short. I can code it, but not many people can understand it or are even willing to try.


Oh I've just had a little 'nosey' - very nice! :1b


Thank you :)

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What a fantastic website, it's really bright and informative

As I committee run group myself I especially like your committee information pack


Thank you :) We brought in the information pack last year as we found many parents were joining the committee, but not really understanding the extent of what the committee does e.g. many members weren't aware that we needed a committee in order to remain open. We've not had the chance to see if the pack helps new members, but hopefully we'll get some new members in the new term.


The website was a lot of work, but I think in the age we are in where more and more people are using the internet to communicate and find information, it's important to have as much information as may be required/requested on an easy to use website. Our manager wasn't hugely convinced about needing a nicer website than we had previously, but I think as our pre-school is now dealing with people who were probably teenagers when the internet first started to become popular we need to cater to a generation who have higher expectations of what information can be found online and how it looks than the generation previous.


I shall stop blethering now!

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Lovely website - I have a meeting this afternoon about creating a new one for us, we want to add secure log in for parents and staff etc.

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