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May sound like a stupid question, but I have been working under the impression that Ofsted never do inspections on a Friday!! Is this correct or is it just a myth? I think I was once told that Fridays was the day that they complete paperwork!!

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Hello Zigzag,


I can totally confirm Ofsted inspect on a Friday as we have had ours on a Friday this month. The inspector was professional but really friendly and made us all feel very much at ease. We can't discuss the outcome as still waiting for the report to be completed. The inspection is different from the old inspections as they are observing practitioners practice into how they deliver the EYFS, how do they assess, track and plan next steps for children's learning, safeguarding, leadership skills, outdoor learning opportunities, peer observations, parents in partnership are amoungst some of the things we had to show. We did notice if the inspector observed an area of the EYFS she did not tend to ask questions about it. We seemed to be asked questions and asked for evidence to be shown of things she was unable to observe on the day. Once we all got over the shock of the inspector turning up we just got on with everything we do on any other day. The experience was as lovely as it can be when you are being inspected.


Hope this helps.


Rosepetal :)

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