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Such a nice day!


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Just wanted to share because it's nice to have a good day too.


Last day of school for me for a week and I have to say my children are really tired - lots of poorlies and teetering on the brink of tears! Anyway, this morning we made soup for a doubling activity - they had a recipe card for 'Soup for 1' which said things like 2 bits of carrot, 3 bits of celery but they had to make it for themselves and a partner so they had to double to find how to put in. They really enjoyed it but we didn't get to cook and taste until the afternoon. All tasted it and most didn't like it but 3 came back for seconds and thirds and 2 girls took the recipe to copy so they could make it at home with mummy.


Also this afternoon I had them all to myself with no other adult for the first time in ages. Not always easy or ideal but I have a BEd student at the moment and although she's lovely I find it really tiring to be supervising her as well as teaching and it was nice to have them back for a while.


We were doing the Willow pattern plate story as part of our China work - some great acting out then they made their own willow pattern plates. I'd originally intended them to do it on paper plates but forgot to buy them last night so we discussed what they could do instead. They came up with drawing round a circle to make their own plate.


I hadn't set up anything for the afternoon - dinners are served in my room so I have to clear everything away before lunch and I'd been on playground duty all lunchtime as we were down 2 MDS so I told them they could get out whatever they liked. about half of them went to start their plates, one boy continued the epic story he'd started in the morning, one went to choose some different construction and 4 of my more 'riotous' boys chose a Tummy ache game and played it properly and peacefully for ages!


One other little boy put on our postbag which he's recently adopted and later showed me the 'homework' he'd got in it - an exercise book and a pencil which he'd used for writing.


Towards the end of the afternoon I asked the couple of reluctant ones to go and do their plates. One drew a lovely picture but without the circle so I asked him to do it and he sighed, looked frustrated and said "but I'm not a good circler!" I showed him how to put a template down and draw round it, he did it independently then when he lifted it off said in a delighted 'wow' voice "now I'm a really good circler!"


To cap it all I get home and my gorgeous 4 year old nephew face times me so he can read me his new reading book (somewhat brilliantly I have to boast!) and his mum told me that he'd asked if he could give up school for Lent!


Sorry for the long post but it's so nice to feel good at the end of a day, week and term! :D

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