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Understanding growth, decay and changes

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Cress like Blondie suggests - you could also do runner bean seeds in clear plastic cups/beer mugs as they are good for seeing growth and change. We compost all our rubbish and it is the children's job to turn it to use in a little veg. plot so they get to see the whole cycle.

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Many years ago I had 5 geranium plants and gave them all names, recorded the size to start with and took photos to have a starting point.


We looked after one just normally

We lavished care on one giving it regular baby bio to feed it up and put it in the prime spot of light and warmth

We put one in a box so no light

We didn't water one

One we didn't water and put in a box but then took it out when it started to look really sad and revived it with water, baby bio and light


This way we could talk about care what things needed to thrive be it plant, pet or humans etc and we recorded the changes etc.


It was great except when a couple of parents expressed their sympathy to me as I must be sad because Frank had died.....Frank was the geranium that we didn't water and the children had left this key piece of info out and the parents though Frank was one of my relatives :D

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We have recently made compost in 2 litre fizzy drink bottles. The children put in leaves, fruit peelings etc plus some soil and some compost 'starter' (from garden centre). They all took one home and we made one to keep at nursery. We have been watching it decay and compost over a few weeks now. We also did the cut up apple. We left it until it went mouldy. It was revolting but the children loved it! We did a carrot too. It went rubbery and bendy rather than mouldy. So lots to observe and explore.

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Slices of bread in food bags. One covered in salt, one with nothing on but sealed, one with the bag open a bit, one with a piece of meat in it, one with cheese on. Which ones go green, produce mould etc.

We had two pumpkins in October, after e'd played with them we put them in the garden to watch them rot down, they are both like deflated balloons now but we were able to see them slowly shrink and to see the insects feeding on them,

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