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Student - what to think about?


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Confidentiality.........not sure what sort of setting you are in thumper - but that's often a real issue for me as we are a small village........


I insist that they 'hand in' their mobile 'phone to me......


Completely agree that you need a 'get out' clause.......


Will keep thinking! :1b

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your induction should include fire/first aid/equality/diversity/confidentiality and inclusion.

You need to set out your expectations of them/what they should wear (and not wear!) and what are their expectations of you!

Depending on age you may also need to do a seperate risk assessment

Are you CRB ing them? if not then they must be supervised at all times (i would always do this anyway!!)

You may want to restrict them from doing any toileting/intimate care or you may want to keep this supervised.

Mobile phone and camera policy

Where they will keep their personal belongings



hours of work etc

contact details for them for you and vica versa

Does your insurance cover them

They will need to tell parents who they are and why they are there and you may need to do a seperate permission for them to do obs....if your stuff doesn't cover it!

I give them a copy of my policies if they are going to be with me for a while.

Try to set up some time at the end of the first week to review how things are going and repeat your expectations (you may want to give them a job description.

I tend to leave them to just 'play' for a couple of days so that they can get to know the childrens names before i give them any tasks. That way i can see how they operate.

Have fun...encourage dialogue and listen to them...they may have up to date info you have not heard of!!

We have has loads of students all the time...i love having them but some are better than others. Some of my less intelligent ones have been fantastic with the children but i wouldn't employ them!!! always intersting!!

oh and find out what their interests are too ...they may play an instrument or have connections!!

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They need to be aware of your policies and your safeguarding controls. Emergency evacuation, safe lifting and general health and safety. Whether she can speak to parents and what she can and cannot say to them.

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Excellent advice already - enjoy!


I used to really like having students when I ran a pre-school. If you treat them right from the outset, show them you are taking them seriously (a 'programme' for their time with you they can take home/show tutor/keep is a nice touch, I think) they will often rise magnificently to the challenge....if not - invoke the get-out clause!!!


It wasn't my decision when I moved to Daycare, and I understood why they stopped offering placements when I experienced a diabolical one!!!



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I'd include appropriate language as part of your induction too. We had a work experience student (so I guess younger than yours) a while ago who was calling the children things that we weren't impressed to hear! She was doing it affectionately in a teasing sort of way and it wasn't exactly swearing but still...

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Not sure if it has already been said as my phone is being very slow at opening posts but in addition to the above, we have also devised a student task list as some students-especially short term ones sometimes don't come with set things which they have to complete! The checklist includes things such as sitting at the snack table, reading a group story, running a small group game, setting up for lunch/setting up the garden etc etc, just little things which will enhance their experience! Especially helpful if you get a student who just wants to sit down all day or doesn't necessarily use the initiative to begin activities etc but also nice for the really enthusiastic students to take on new challenges. Good luck :)

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Facebook!!! your policy.


100% agree. Twitter to. Working with children and having a social networking account are not compatible imo. (Being a member of a nice forum excepted! )

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Seeing this post again reminded me that as well as having an appropriate dress code it is useful to remind them about appropriate clothing and protection in respect of the weather e.g,, warm suitable clothing for outdoor play in all weathers and sun protection if they are going to be with you when the summer months come (hopefully bringing the prospect of some sunshine B) )

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