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So, today is my birthday...................and I went in to work, all smiles and looking forward to my ( very big!!) day............


first parent in through doors: 'where is my child's Learning Journey, you didn't write in there whether or not he poo'd yesterday!' err, your husband insisted on taking it home, so maybe ask him what he did with it, and bring it back in when you are next in? No, he hasn't got it.....are you SURE he took it??? she then insisted on checking her child's drawer in case it was there.......nope, hubby definately took it. Off she goes, in highly disgruntled state.


Next parent in: X was off with Chicken pox last week...........he's all scabby now, so can he come back in?? yes, of course, if all scabbed, no problem. after she had gone, child says hand hurts and we discover he has an infected pox scab. Phone mum, who says she is just going into an important meeting, but will come back asap. I ask if I can have permission to put a plaster over it until she arrives?? No, I'd rather you didn't, he doesn't like plasters!!!!! I point out that it IS infected and needs to be covered, or he needs to go hme immediately......so, yes of course, pop a plaster over it. She then returns at 6 o'clock to collect him. I had tried to call her several times; phone on answerphone. No other contacts answer either. A few 'quiet words' with parent and ask her to go to GP to check if child needs antibiotics please.


Next! Nanny arrives to say other nanny's boyfriend has been admitted to neurology dept of specialist hospital following afall, as he has brain injuries; prognosis not good right now.............and DO NOT mention this to child; she thinks nanny is Christmas shopping!!


Next up; parent: when you collect my daughter from school, could you alow her to make a crown for the school christmas party? She should have doen it for homework, but she couldn't be bothered and now she'll be in trouble without one. Ok, so we provide loads of lovely resources; child makes crown, mum arrives and says' oh, is that REALLY the best you coud do??'


and then...........one child pooed for England.......if there were gold medals handed out for it, he would have won it!


then.....'oh yes, she is VERY reliably clean and dry' ( you KNOW where this is headed, don't you??)...........three lots of soaked clothing, in spite of me taking her to the loo five times............and then she pooed........mummy is NOT pleased, 'oh babeeeeeeeeeee, WHY didn't you ask to go to the toilet???........... i give up!


and then...........knock on door...........there stands number one son, lovely box of chocolates ( can't eat 'em, diabetic!) and a lovely pot plant ( as in, plant IN a pot, rather than a 'pot' plant)

get home.........champagne, roses and big fat kiss from hubby.........and a card from daughter saying, 'I knew you would tell me you have everything you want or need, so I have donated money to the local cancer unit on your behalf, instead of a birthday present'


You know what???? ALL IS GOOD in my world today :D ::1a

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Narnia, as usual you made me laugh out loud at your unique take on life. Makes you wonder why we do it some days doesn't it?, hope tomorrow is better. Happy birthday

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Happy birthday narnia - only you could pack this much into your day! And when you say 'big' day - are we talking significant milestone here? ;)





yup...........an age where in a decent world, i could have retired and been held up as the venerable one, with acolytes at my feet...........................ah well, you lot will have to do!! xD :lol: xD :lol:

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  • so: Learning Journey turned up...........hubby had put it under his armchair apparantly.( no apology to us!)
  • child with infected pox mark arrived with BIG plaster over it and a big box of more plasters to keep him going. He fell asleep this afternoon, cuddling a (toy) rat...........blissful, Dad arrived, then laid down on the floor beside him, singing softly to wake him up.........really lovely. Apologised for sending child in yesterday with sore hand, realises now that it might be why child was miserable at home?
  • Grandmother arrived, slightly tiddly ( it's her partners funeral today and she's not coping at all well with her loss), so we take her under our wing and keep her away from children until her daughter arrives to drop off grandson. In the meantime, granny starts on about how awful partners children are, as they want his ashes scattered tomorrow. I made fatal mistake of saying...'that's very soon'........one fine day I WILL learn to keep my mouth shut. One fine day, but not TOday!
  • Spoke to nanny, who says boyfriend is in ITU and has pneumonia, things are not good; I wish her some hope in all of this and that he will wake up and tell her to shut up! ( she says she is reading everything she can get her hands on to him!), she had laugh and I remind her to look after herself, get some rest, some food and some fresh make-up, so when he wakes, he'll recognise her LOL
  • only one pooey nappy today and only one pair of wet pants! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY..........winning.........for today!
  • stuffed party stockings ready for tomorrow's party
  • wrapped presents for party
  • realise 'Santa' hasn't been in touch and can't get hold of him by any means known to preschool leader! Have typed letter from Santa, apologising and explaining that he too, has caught the chicken pox that is sweeping through our part of the country, but he HAS sent Donner and Bltzen, who are waiting to see them all in next door's garden............... ( he had BETTER turn up, or I am drinking the nice bottle of whisky he gets, all by myself!!)
  • have given in and eaten some of son's chocolates............

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Ps.....................Santa, did of course, arrive on time and he brought his two lovely reindeer with him.Pouring...........and I mean pouring (!) with rain, so out came the wet weather gear. One mum said her child didn't need ours as he was wearing nice thick duffle coat......dad comes to fetch him and moaned that his child's coat is wet(!!!!).......errr, it's a COAT, that's what it's for! :huh:

Party food was brilliant this year and almost NO waste: result!! We did jacket potatoes with cheese and/or beans. One mum said 'oh good luck with that, he eats NOTHING at home....................and was slightly miffed when told that son had in fact, eaten all of his! We had a few nibbles; some crisps and some fancy biscuits, plus lots of fresh fruit and fruit juice. Will definately consider this next year!


Have nearly finished box of chocs from son.....did I mention it was a BIG box??? :blink:

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