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I was in love at 13 with a lad I remember having beautiful brown eyes and dark wavy hair. I loved him for years (months). He was older than me but we knocked about together in our group. Such wonderful memories. I just saw his picture on FB at a friends friends party. He's changed, as have we all, but my memory bubble has been burst!

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On the plus side, I 'met' an old school friend on facebook the other day and she posted up some pics of her family, lovely pics, but I had the vicarious pleasure of thinking how much older than me she looks. Naughty I know! But made me smile

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i'm organising a school reunion for those of my school year who are celebrating their 50th birthday and have been in touch with over 80 via facebook and boy has it been delicious looking at them as they are now. Bit naughty but such fun

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Me and a friend organised a reunion when we were all 30, overall the women were polished, the men fat. It was a great night but I have to say there was a fair bit of canoodling gong on in a few dark corners, all those school day crushes fuelled by alcohol :blink: My friend took a guy home!! :ph34r:

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