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Wish me luck and do you have any tips?

Guest SamG

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I have Ofsted coming tomorrow for the registration visit for my new setting. My business partner and I are starting to panic and wonder whether we are ready for all of this.

Does anyone have any tips on how to handle the pressure of the suitable persons interview?

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as above keep calm and try not to worry too much , my inspector was great, very encouraging and put me at ease immediately and was the one who came back to do inspection as she hoped she would be, just be ready and clear on safeguarding and requirements etc and what your vision is , good luck but sure you won't need it.

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Good news, before she left she said that she is recommending our registation. It needs to go to QA and then to Ofsted first, but she also said that she has never had a recommendation come back refused. :D

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Hiya, I know this is an old post but I am new to the site and am expecting my Ofsted registration visit next week and I am SO SCARED and nervous!!!!!

Please help!

Was it as bad as you thought it would be?

I am opening a first floor nursery which is a town centre and above a restaurant! It's the first nursery premises I have ever worked at which shares a building with a non-educational business and it's making me worry about what Ofsted will say and think, especially the outside area.

I am happy with Safeguarding and all my paperwork, but am worrying about some aspects of the premises that I can't see the big picture and might have missed something!!

Did they get caught up in minor risk assessment queries or anything??

I am so worried I will have overlooked one tiny thing and they might refuse on it.

ANY advice or ideas would be amazing!


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The Ofsted lady was lovely and things went really well. We are on the first floor above a row of 3 shops. Access is to the rear of the building via a set of concrete stairs. She was there approx. 3 hours, but left telling us that she was recommending that our registration went ahead. We found out a few days later that we were showing up on the Ofsted site.


Good luck and don't worry

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