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  1. Minimum level 2 Pre-school Assistant required. January start. Term time only. Hours: Tuesday and Friday 8.30am - 15.30 pm If you are interested please email me for further information: krisdugg@virginmedia.com.
  2. phone line providers

    We swapped from Talk Talk to BT, we have our landline plus Broadband and it's £37 per month incl VAT. This is for all our calls, landline and mobile and all our broadband, I don't think its that bad to be be fair. Talk Talk where slightly cheaper but Broadband was really slow and kept dropping out.
  3. Term time only pre-school requires an Early Years Practitioner from Tuesday 21st February 2017. Permanent position, Tuesday and Friday 08.30 am - 15.30 pm, minimum level 2. Please email CV's to krisdugg@virginmedia.com Thank You
  4. nursery milk claim

    We have always used cool milk, however the process is so long winded now (felt like I was confirming in about 70 billion places!) that I know put ours through the weekly shop.
  5. We're back on Monday, Good luck for this week.
  6. Staff Quibbles!

    We have a rota and whoever does snack also washes up, that way everyone does it.
  7. DBS updates

    We had our Ofsted in November last year and the Inspector made a point of asking if new employees and joined the update service. I thought it was written down somewhere too, but can't find it.
  8. Ratio requirements on a termly basis

    As soon as they turn 3 I move them into that ratio, would be a nightmare otherwise!
  9. When do others take an extra unfunded week?

    We are open for 14 weeks this term, but think it works out that we have 3 weeks at Christmas instead of two, usually it works out 7 weeks off in summer instead of 6 so it must be how Easter falls this year. We never took inset days as couldn't offer additional days to parents (sessional pre-school in a school), however Essex have changed the wording in their contract and it now says we can take one day a term for staff training without having to offer additional days to parents. Hope this helps.
  10. Thank you for your replies, think we are going to provide parents with a simple written summary of what their children have achieved that term and what we are looking at next term, and inform them that if they want a meeting to arrange with their individual key person. It's always hard as we find some parents prefer a face to face meeting and some prefer a written report!
  11. As a setting we have introduced electronic journals, I would think they all work fairly similar, Keyperson uploads photo/observation linked to curriculum, parents can access what we enter and also add their own photo's comments. My question is what do other settings do about termly reports/parents afternoons. We have always either provided a report laying out next steps and achievements, parents admitted to not always bothering to read them! We have tried parents afternoon when a parent had a specific time to meet with their child's key person talk about progress and look through their books, many a time I paid staff to be there and parents didn't turn up! If we have a parents afternoon will parents want to look through their online journal with us? We have one tablet between two staff so that would take some working out and they would only see what they can see at home, or do we provide a report which will no doubt go in the bin but is time consuming and we are trying to cut back on paperwork with the electronic journals! Hope this all makes sense! I could print a report from the electronic journal, but at 17 pages per child and over 40 children it would be expensive and time consuming! What do other settings do? Many Thanks
  12. Fractured Wrist

    I'm not sure the soft play staff are aware of the issue, when the child hurt themselves mum just took her straight to a & e. None of the pre-school staff saw what happened as we aren't 'looking after' the children at the soft play area. It is always made clear that the parents are expected to supervise/take care of their own children. I will contact the soft play area tomorrow, the area where it happened was in a birth to two area and all the parents were allowing their 3/4 year olds play in there. It obviously got quite boisterous and the another child knelt on this child's wrist by accident.
  13. Fractured Wrist

    Every year at the end of term we hire our local soft play area and have a party for all the children. I always state that children must be accompanied by an adult as there are too many children for staff to supervise safely. Today a little girl has injured her wrist and after mum taking her to A & E it has turned out to be a fracture and she is now in plaster. My question is should I be reporting this to relevant bodies and recording/risk assessing as obviously it wasn't on pre-school grounds, parents had to stay. What do you think?
  14. Hi Helen The license agreement was drawn up by the school and Essex County Council, I just had to pay for it!!
  15. Hi I'm not sure if I'm much help but I'm a private sessional Pre-School and we are based in a Primary School and I rent a classroom and garden from them, we have a license agreement set up through the LA (at my expense). I had to put in a business plan and attend meetings with the Head Teacher as it did have to be put out to tender. It works really well for all of us, the transition into school is good, although we do also feed into other schools, the parents like it as all their childcare drop off's are in one place. We don't however open during school holidays, we are open 38 weeks a year during school hours. If you have any questions more than happy to help if I can.