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I need help.

What exactly goes into a business plan?

How do you do predict what your income/outgoings are going to be in the next 12 months?

If you've been running sucessfully for 40 odd years how do you improve or come up with ways of advertising that you've never tried before?


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IMO a business plan should consist of your background, business history, how successful you have been until now, the present state of your business and how and why you want to improve, and other future plans. Within all this you would add financials for previous years, current year and a projection for the next 12 months and further if possible.. next 5 years. The more positive information the better..


If you are wanting somebody to invest their money into a business, you want to make it look as tight as possible and that it is going to work!! Have you ever watched an episode of Dragons Den.. im sure you have? Well that may be a bit OTT but they ask certain questions that they need to know before they invest :)


As regard to the advertising.. there are many ways to do this as im sure you are aware, please list what you have tried...

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We dont need anyone to finance us just need to have a business plan to show the the LA because it seem's its part of the criteria now for continued funding. Improvements are difficult working out of a church hall and with no contract for our time there, plans are rarely made.

We have only ever advertised locally because thats all we've needed to do. Word of mouth, flyers in shops, GPs, library etc. I know how we could advertise its just such a nuisance having to prove we know what to do should the need ever arise.

I've been putting it off partly because I dont get paid to find the time to do it and partly because it seems a paper chasing exercise with someone needing to justify their own job!!

But thanks for the rest of it, I can start to slice things together now :D

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I googled it a few years back and got one for 'sunshine nursery' that I used a a template for several years. However, it's morphed a lot since then and I'm sur. fresh google is due to see if I'm on the right track before offering it up as an example!

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Our local LA gave us a sample Business Plan to follow for funding.




I was about to say that!


Have you asked your LA if they have templates?.

Our template was very basic - but we sound abit like your setting Rea, so we just keep the plan basic!

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Here's ours. It was written a couple of years ago as part of a bid for funding to convert new premises (now our current nursery so it was successful!!)

I have made it anonymous but left in all the other details so you can see the sort of thing I had to write.

I hope its helpful. It is from a LA template. Sorry its rather long, but they want lots of detail if they are to part with dosh!

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Sorry it didn't attach Try again...
1 word "BRILLIANT"


another few words "why didn't the full post Quote? It is the business plan Beehive attached that is "Briliant"


Thanks so much.. this could come in very handy in the near future :D

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Thanks to both of you for these, they will be really helpful. After successfully running my business for 10 years without a business plan or cashflow forecast :ph34r: i can see that i too will need one as evidence for the funding.


You have saved me many hours. Thank you!! :1b

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