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Well, after all the hard work getting it ready and keeping it a huge surprise. it's safe to say our Graduation party was a huge success. This year, we abandoned the gowns and mortar boards and followed the children's interest in.......Harry Potter.............every one of the was dressed up in HP outfits, complete with big glasses and 'scar'. We were loaned a 16th century Manor house for the day ( we were SO lucky, a former parent has moved out prior to renovating it, and she just allowed us to have the run of the place, it was fantastic as Hogwarts!) We decorated the place out with cutouts from the HP film, got the children to pull funny faces which we photographed for our 'gargoyle gallery'.........we had gold coins from Gringotts bank so the childrne could buy their sweets to go home with. I was ( cough!) Professor Minerva McGonagall and led the children and families along to the Manor house where we feasted, before greeting our surprise guests, four very beautiful owls. I have put a few photos on here............two are of my lovely grandaughter dressed as HP ( she wouldn't entertain the idea of being Hermione!) and two of my equally lovely grandson with the owls,......and one of the simply stunning Hogwarts school cake that one of my daughters made for us.

There were tears all round.................especially from my deputy and I: we were presented with a canvas photograph of all the leavers, holding up letters spelling out 'Thank you' ( it made me cry, it was such a lovely surprise.............and we were given a cheque for £150 to spend on something nice for ourselves when we go on holiday> I am overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity.

( I hope I have uploaded the pics properly.)post-1469-0-37508100-1342900787_thumb.jpgpost-1469-0-33359300-1342901016_thumb.jpgpost-1469-0-47109900-1342901039_thumb.jpgpost-1469-0-47743700-1342901060_thumb.jpg

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WOW What an amaaazzzing idea for graduation!!! I'm sure that will live long in the children's memories...along with all their times with you - it sounds like you've had an amazing time! LOVE the photos!


How lucky to get a lend of a mini Hogwarts too! You've set the bar for next year now!


Hope you get time to relax and enjoy all the memories of your graduates :-)

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well now you've made my 2 bouncy castles sound somewhat boring!...how fantastic...can i have an invitation next year please!.

You do realise of course that all early years practitioners are a bit competative....you may have started something here....now lets think......batmans cave? ....ben 10 world.......100 pigs for peppa pig!




well done...hope the tears have dried up!

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They have, it was a wonderful day..........................and all the more poignant because this was the last of the families who started with us when we opened in 2004. One of them is moving away from the area and the mum was absolutely bereft at having to leave..............so lots more tears over that, especially when we presented her wath framed photos of her three children from when they were with us. Lovely...........


Now, have I said that we are planning 'A Christmas Carol' in the manor???? :ph34r:xD :lol: xD

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Sounds as if they , and you all had a smashing time, am quite envious . Know what you mean about families finally leaving - I had 4 this year who have put more than one child through with us since we opened and they have reached their final child, was really sad as they have evolved with us. :(

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