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well what a week - firstly one of my fab members of staff has been poorly with suspected glandular fever but thankfully is recovering and hopes to be back next week - fingers crossed


Tues had to talk to member of staff regarding attitiude to children and whether she wanted to continue working.She said she was not happy and was considering leaving , I had guessed this anyway hence why i initiated chat, she said she would think about what she wanted to do.


wednesday was a sad day my friend and neighbour of 12 years , who i laughed with, cried with and picked up from the floor so many times was laid to rest. I managed to keep it together to sing a solo of ' Eternal father- strong we save' the sailors hymn as he was a minesweeper in WW2 and he had asked me too.


in the meantime due to the fact I have no other level 3 to cover me I asked the retired one to come in, when i returned thursday , i learned that one member of staff was made to feel very uncomfortable and that an ex member of staff visited - funny she had not been in since leaving ( she had left before xmas , was our senco and after everyone had bent over backwards to accomodate her) after an illness. why the cats away .......


next day my member of staff who has just passed level 3 tho no cert yet comes in and hands her notice in !! after being in day before and chatting with ex member of staff. this being the person who promised full support to me as a friend and colleague but is as flexible as a brick!!


so i'm glad it's friday , i'm questioning my management , worrying about all that needs to be done in 2 weeks and learning to not believe everything someone tells you. the bonus is that i know the 2 members of original staff who have supported me are here to stay and have just sent me lovely texts to say im doing a great job and not to take it personally - its tough at the top - so they say !!!!

other bonus- 17yr old is finally taking the courage to cook dinner from scratch despite much humphing and tutting from the kitchen - :P :huh:

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Oh bless you. Yes it is sometimes tough at the helm, but I'm sure you are doing all the right thing, you just can't please everyone all of the time. Just out of interest and a pointer. Have you paid for your level 3 to do her training. We asked ours to sign a firm to say that once qualified they would stay with us for a minimum of 18 months. If not they would have to pay back the training costs. Not sure how this would stand if anyone challenged this, but i have to say we do seem extremely lucky in that staff turnover is very rare, infact we are all antique hee hee, relax and have a nice weekend. F :)

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You poor thing, thats quite a week you have had. Hopefully you will be presented with a lovely dinner and you can put your feet up and recharge your batteries over the weekend. Take care.

mrsW x

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thanks for your support ,in answer to your question FBear yes we do have in contract regarding the training costs and we did pay so therefore she has to pay it back as this happened before many years ago and fortunately chairperson at the time made sure it would not happen again. sad thing is she always boasted to me of her loyalty and how she would back me 100% :rolleyes: she is a friend who was working there before i came and I even approached her before i took the post. I think it is going to be awkward as she has organised a fundraiser for October and wants to still do it !!

oh well onward and upward - enjoy your weekend everyone and dinner was good - hope it happens more often :D x

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every cloud has a silver lining - the candidate we recently interviewed and was very impressed with and who has a wealth of knowledge in which to support me and the remainder of team said YES - so good news and great start to the week :D

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