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New Development Matters Statements

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Hi All

Thought Id share the below with you. I have cut and pasted the new development matters unique child statements into a booklet which we will use alongside our learning journeys (all short obs are linked to the devel matters statements in our LJs). This is what we did with the old devel matters and it worked really well.

Development matters statements.doc


Hope this is of use to some people


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No worries - although we take children from 2 we always started from birth as we found with several of our csen we needed the earlier statements so have incleuded them. The font size could also be taken down - I increased to 10 to make it easier to read and provide spaces to write but could go down to 9/8. Again I colour coded to match the development matters statements but they could easily be black and white.

Glad its useful


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Well my hat goes off to you kirsty!!!!!


using your original - I have got it down to a mear 18 pages so far............... The staff WILL need glasses to read it- BUT, I can get them a pair each from poundland :D ::1a :D ::1a


I haven't finished with it yet (still got to jiggle some boxes) but my IT skills are not that good- which is why I sooooooooooooo pleased you did the main slog.





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