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New York For New Years Eve!


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Hi all,

me and my partner are going to New york on the 29th December until the 3rd Jan so will be there for New years eve! I cannot wait soooooooooooooooooooooo excited only 5 weeks to go yayyyyyy! anyway we have never been before let alone at new year and was after any advice on were to go on new years eve if any one has been? we were thinking of times square however when looking at prices of bars and restaurants we are looking at paying 150 dollars each! are there any restaurants or bars any one can recommened either close to times square or central park that would have a good atmosphere?


thanks kate

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Thanks all,


ano its been my dream to go at new year and finally i get to live my dream ha ha ha. how would i go about asking the new yorkers every time i put it in to google all different bars come up even forums dont come up much



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You could join the lonely planet travel forum thorn tree and get some advice from there. They can be a bit spiky (appropriately enough!) but you can also just read without joining. I haven't been at New Year but we went for Easter a few years ago and we booked a brunch at one of the big hotels. It was pricey but once you have paid for a big splurge for New Year you can eat really cheaply the rest of the time. Big breakfasts can be had at lots of greasy spoon type places and they are virtually all fab. The city used to post hygiene ratings on the door so you can check before you even set foot inside. I prefer the Central Park end of the city but most people like the Times Sq area and for New Year I would guess that would be more lively. Have a fab time - I'm very jealous!

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My family and I were there for New Years Eve in 08/09.

We had a fabulous time.


We flew out a little later, the 30th I think and came home on about the 4th.

My husband had his birthday there too (Jan 2nd).


On New Years morning we went up the Empire State Building. We called home to wish everyone a happy new year and it snowed when we were up there!!!


In the evening we joined the revellers in Times Square, but after 5 hours standing in the cold my daughter had had enough so she and I went back to our hotel room. . . . it was a bit sad because once we had left my husband and son I realised I had never been apart from my husband on new years eve before but there was no way to go back the crowds were huge and I couldn't even see him by the time I made it onto the footpath.

It was VERY VERY cold -20 I think.

I had to defrost in the bath!!!!


I cant help with where to go bar wise because my children were not 21 so not allowed in such places!!


We had a helicopter ride for Nicks birthday and saw Phantom Of the Opera on that evening


We went ice skating in central park too.


I had been to New York in the spring time but it was fab in the winter and we were lucky that it wasn't too snowy....... not enough to cramp our plans.

Ah... except the day we wanted to go on the Brooklyn Bridge and there was a snow blizzard!!


Sorry I cant help with where to go inside, but be warned lots of the tube stations around times square close and lots of streets are shut off too so movement is fairly restricted.




I am envious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lucky, lucky you. I have been to new York once and that was some time ago and just before Christmas--22nd Dec I think. We were only there a few hours and we walked everywhere! It was magical --really beautiful lights everywhere and outdoor skating which wasnt something we saw here then. As already mentioned we ate well and cheaply. We were lucky, it wasnt too cold!

It is somewhere I would love to return to.


Schools here return on 3rd Jan. so even luckier not to be returning til then.

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I shall be watching this with interest - I have said that I would like to go to New York to celebrate my next milestone birthday. Which isn't all that far away.


I would imagine that New York at New Year's Eve must be magical! Enjoy. :o

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Sorry can't help with restaurant, except to say that the Boathouse in Central Park which was in the film 27 Dresses looks wonderful.


My son went in June and there is a webcam in Time Square outside a typical tourist type store and we managed to direct him to it so that he and girl friend could wave at us! You can find it on google if you type in Time Square Webcam!


While they were there, I google "mapped" and toured the city as if I was driving around - saddo that I am, but I was excited for them. A trip I would like to do someday, have a good time.

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thank you all for your kind comments im sure we will have a fab time excited is not even the word, every time i think about it I get butterflies and a big smile comes on my face. I just know that it is going to fly by and it will soon be january and we will be back in the UK :(. We have booked a bar called Bourbon Street which is $95 each and that is for an open bar, canapes and champagne and its open til 8am if we want to stay out that late. The bar is just outside times square but will still be really busy. Panders I am definatey going to go to the boat house in central park whilst im there it looks amazing.


Thanks again for all of your comments and suggestions


i will let you all know how it goes


kate :oxD:(:(

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