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So Now The End Is Near......!


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Today is the last day for the children at pre-school (party tomorrow!) and the last day we will be in our current building... after21 years and 12 years of me working there.

I have been so busy sorting out the new build (still haven't done loads of paperwork) that i have definitely not really thought about it but i think it is beginning to hit me(about time i hear you say :( ).

Very wierd...getting excited about the new project but feeling very sentimental about the old.....so many memories! i stupidly named the party magic moments and spent last night looking at photos...bad idea :o:(:(

thinking of you all at this time of year...sentimental old fool that i am xD :wacko: xD

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We moved into our new building last year and it has been amazing. However DO NOT under estimate the time it will take you to move everything in. It took us a week with all the staff working their normal hours.


I spent most of the week rewriting the risk assessments which is difficult to do until you can actually see everthing.



Good Luck!

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Hi Finleysmaid

We moved in April...its SO exciting and such a lot of work, but well worth it. I did quick 'temporary' risk assessments and did proper ones when we had been in a few weeks and we could see how we used the building and outside space.

We are full daycare and are open all year so we only closed for 3 days which was crazy but we managed it.

Best of luck


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Good luck with it all finleysmaid - a lovely new start for all of you! If I could wave my magic wand and have it all sorted for you I would, but sadly that is all part of the process of moving into your new home! Be ruthless - ditch what you haven't used in ages and don't take all that unwanted clutter with you.


I hope I'm on the guest list for visits to your new buildin when there's something to see! :o


Have a lovely party tomorrow, I'm sure there will be a few tears.

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thanks all...just ordered the skip and of course you are all welcome to the party...only problem is we're not having that till october! xD (except you of course Happymaz the backdoor key is in the post :o )

we should have at least a week to move in ...if the builders aren't late!

Cried when i opened up this morning and then have been fine all day...problem was one of my lovely parents said something sentimental and i was off! :(

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Oh I completely empathise.....we made a similar move 16 years ago........our old building was completely unsuitable really - but as you say 'so many memories'.......funnily enough, if I dream about pre-school we are still in the old building......how strange is that?!


Good luck with it all! :o

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