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Ofsted Been And Gone! Phew!


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Just wanted to share my total happiness that we have finally had the visit! on Friday.


Am still buzzing as cannot believe I can actuall go in to work on monday stress free without the fear of them coming.


She was a very nice lady who was quite happy to have porridge oats ( 3 bears theme) tipped all over her laptop!! .


We were due but as we are in temporary accomodation while new building being built thought that might put them off!! no such luck.


But was over the moon when she said that some settings who have been runnign 20 years have not got as much in place as we had!! said we were a strong good bordering on outstanding!!! . sat hyperventilating while she was speaking!!!!.


So all my worries about temporary sectioned off orange net fencing, stuff packed in containers, lack of space to organise paperwork . need not have happened.

I can now look forward to moving into our new premises at the end of July!!!!


Yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oxD:( :( :( :wacko: xD :rolleyes: :unsure:

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thank you !! she was really lovely!!! as it was a total surprise because I really thought they would wait until we were in new building.


When she said hello and who she was felt like being sick!!! but need not have worried as she was really down to earth and did not mind one bit when the children went to her and asked her who she was and what was she doing.!!!


One little girl even had her draing love hearts that I had taught her hoew to draw the previous day!!!. If only they were all like that!!

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Fantastic news...very well done!! Enjoy the weekend ( and relax!!!!!!!)


Can you let us know how long Mrs O was on site?


Many thanks

Hi ya,

she arrived at 8.30am and was gone by 2pm.

contrary to what I had been told which was that they are not looking at paperwork, she did ask for operational plan, policies, administering medicine folder, complete planning for now and last term, development plans or action plans to show you are a reflective practice, fire drills, and asked every member of staff about our safeguarding proceedure. I also because of our situation had to show her my vision for the future building. Also our risk assessments folder. this was our recommendation as she said we should add some done by children as it shows they are managing thier own risks! It was suggested that we take them round the setting when we risk assess and let them use a clip board with us highlighting danger etc.


Hope that helps




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