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I need some help...

I have two interviews next week, both at children’s centres, and as an outreach worker. Just thinking about interview questions-

Fairly confident about ‘Every child Matters’, 5 outcomes, poverty, working with a diverse range of families,

Two possible questions not sure about.

• How would I encourage families into the centre, ?

• What would I do if I saw a parent use unacceptable behaviour towards their child, i.e. hit/ smack?

Any other hints tips..


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Goodness, some of these need thinking about, but I didn't like to read and run as I know how frustrating it is to see that loads of people have read your post and no-one has commented!


Presumably the settings will have policies for the behaviour one - so you'd abide by their policy

Encouraging families in? hold an open day or fun day or something?


I'll keep thinking

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i agree with cait - you would have to look at the behaviour policy and abide by that. getting families into the centre - leaflets at local places such as libraries,leisure centres etc all places where adults might go with their children - also perhaps at doctors and also health centres etc

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Encouraging families in:

through parent forums, getting out into the community, visiting local preschools and getting to know local people, holding events such as a craft afternoon, leaflets, flyers, multi-agency working (eg letting health visitors etc know about groups you are running so they can target families), being open friendly and non judgmental, providing information in various formats eg audio if parents cant read. Get to all local events you possibly can and get your face known and trusted


Unacceptable behaviour:

Let manager know incase referral needed - depends how unacceptable the behaviour is, speak to parent eg Is everything ok? It's your job to challenge the behaviour (in my view) but not to make the parent feel judged. But also to keep in mind that the child's safety and welfare are paramount.



Also, a question that often gets people is 'what do you understand by confidentiality' as lots of people think it just means not telling anyone.


Hope that helps - bit waffly as it's late now!

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Hi Abimat. I would echo what the others have said but also add that when we began the CC I worked in, we had to take the services to the people. We did an awful lot of leg work promoting the place in shops libraries, health centres etc, but we also made a lot of home visits in the early days too. This was how we built up relationships with many very anxious parents enough to bring them to the centre.

Get to know the community, our families were pretty much all EAL so English classes was a big one for us. Find out what the local needs are and then provide for them.


Good luck with the interviews

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And don't forget your local pre-schools and childminders: they can provide a good 'way in' and will help promote your services if you build up a good relationship with them!


The behaviour issue is a difficult one - I'd probably take the "is there anything I can do to help" route initially and try to assess what is going on. I know how hard it is to parent your children evenly and calmly when things are going awry so I agree with what MissA said about not making the parent feel judged. A lot depends on what sort of relationship you have with the parent I guess, but you need to challenge without alienating the parent completely or you may never see them or the child again.


Good luck with the interviews, abimat43 - I hope you get your choice of positions!



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our outreach workers have links with health visitors and are often responsible for new birth visits with a nice big information pack, they also work with families who find it hard to use facitlities and often accompany them to events (this is often for cultural reasons). Our outreach team are their to reach the hard to reach families, being known to all the services everyone else has mentioned is good and for us in central london the ability to speak any language apart from english is VERY helpful.


I was meeting with a family around a CP issue and the father said he had smacked the child for peeing on the florr, the social worker was there and suggested otherways of disciplinning wihtout having to resort to smacking and they discussed other tecniques which coudl be used successfully - she also runs parenting classes.


I would be pleased that you knew about ECM as I have been doing lots of interviewing this year and have met a handful of candidates who have heard of it but not one who could even name the 5 outcomes or tells why it came to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? I am not knocking private as we probably fit into that category but are non profit making (charity) but 90% of the candidates had come from private nurseries, they have very limited planning experience and almost no knowledge of EYFS and using it to inform their observation based assessment planning! Sorry gone of on a rant :o

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Saw a lovely idea for encouraging families in - to hold a 'dad's day' and encourage some fathers to sign up for a kind of 'children's champion' role. Think about which groups are least likely to come to the centre and how you might pull them in.


Behaviour wise, as well as talking with parents and suggesting strategies you'd need to show that you're aware of the current legislation on this and also of child protection issues.


Good luck.

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wow thanks all this is great stuff, Yes I feel pleased that I have two interviews


I am a childminder so very familiar with observations, planning and EYFS. Also just finishing first Year of Foundation degree, so hopefully I have some basic knowledge of legislation, risk assessment and Safeguarding children..

Also background with social Services and home visits for assessments...

Unfortunately, I do not speak a second language!!!! not in the job description. .........


Do you think any one might have a list of interview questions I can practice, or is that cheating!!!!!

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although I interviewed ours I dont have a set and can't really member any surprises, sorry that's not much help

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Hi all,

so disappointed, not been successful with the first interview of the week, feel disappointed .. the whole day started with 10 candidates, with a meet and greet session, staff volunteers and parents before going onto interview. Very difficult

I didn’t get through first part.. the competition was very high, two newly qualified social workers and a EYPs –


I feel cross – feedback –


good interpersonal skills- but question my time management???

What did I say, do!! to put that into question. Is it because I went to the toilet just before the group session?

I would have also liked to be given the chance to be asked and talk about my skills and knowledge.. Oh well. One down and two more to go..

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that's brilliant, well done.


how was the interview for the outreach worker post. what sort of questions did they ask you?

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Hi, i had 3 interviews, all similar questions.


•Asked predominantly my own experience skills and how they relate to post

•What would you do if a child on a home visit had a mark/bruise?

•What sort of groups use centre, why may some groups feel excluded, how would I encourage into centre

•Stuff on group work, team work, what other professionals might be involve, area for development in the centre

•Talked about challenging behaviour- adult and children

•EYFS in detail

•Own professional development- training


2 interviews and tour round centres, felt ok nothing out of depth, but 3rd interview and all day and OTT...

Very high level of applicant’s, minimum level 3 and higher—

Surprised, nothing on ECM.

now waiting for CRB.

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