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  1. I tend to do the same as I work with EAL students. I learned sign language when I was studying in the university and later with deaf people during pastoral work. Non-verbal communication is so useful! I try to use as many different senses as possible, without overloading them. I have even used Google Translate! LOL Last year I had a French boy who came without one single word of English. His progress was amazing, even better tthan others with more months immersed in an all
  2. Hi! Thanks to all for your kind reply. At the moment we do not use any of these communication tools as this topic never came up until now. I have been thinking about it all this summer. Staff starts this Monday at school (children next Monday) and I wanted to know your professional feedback in case we decide to implant something in school if any child with communication issues would need this type of support. I read Makaton can be used with Widgit. https://www.widgit.com/products/ I will also have a look at Boardmaker. Maybe I don't need any of this this year, but better be prepared just in case.?
  3. Hi everyone! I would like to know if any of you have tried these two communication programs and which one you then considered was better. Pros and cons, please. I have the impression that Makaton includes signs, so you can still communicate if you don't have the printed sign on hand. I also notice that Makaton is black and white and maybe might 'distract' the children less. I don't know. I am thinking of autistic children who pay more attention to details and might get distracted with the colours. At the same time, I do like the simplicity of Widgit. I had a look at a sample page, but it seems the symbols are quite little and I would waste a lot of paper when printing out. Your kind and prompt help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :1b
  4. Does any of you know this EY magazine and if it's worth to subscribe to it? https://www.teachwire.net/early-years
  5. Delicate issue

    I spke with her parents last Wednesday. Mum and Dad came in already with a defensive attitude, later Dad was calm. It was a lengthy meeting. In summary, Mum said children experiment at that age and should be seen as something natural and not put much attention on it as it could give the opposite effect (taboo?). I replied I knew it was natural curiosity, but that there were limits and that the girl had to learn this as some people could take advantage of her. Mum said they had spoken to their two children using the European Council program (The Underwear Rule - Kiko) before this incident and, therefore the note had surprised her as she had never seen any inappropriately behaviour between her kids. I said I was not saying anything was happening (yet they hardly are with them during the week). Mum said her daughter said one of the boys had started the touching... but I forgot to ask Mum why was it that the girl was the common person in the 3 situations. Anyway, she also complained about sending anything home as they didn't have time and they only wanted to have quality time with their kids when that came back home between 7:30 pm and 8 pm, when "they cook". The girl says her nanny cooks. I asked when did the girl go to sleep and Dad said 7:30 pm... hum, contradictory information. All this was because there was an Easter Egg drawing competition for Early Years and Primary that had been sent home with 2 weeks anticipation. Mum complained it was for one day to another when I clarified it wasn't. The girl had brought it, all scribbled, way below her level so I returned it and asked it she could please redo it. Come on! The girl loves to draw and the mum could have enjoyed quality time with her daughter doing something the little one likes to do. I asked them if they had moved to our country due to the economic situation in their country (also EU) and she said no, that it was their choice and the type of project they are working on takes lots of work hours, but they didn't bother about it... that this is normal around the world and children need to get used to it. I said I did understand it is not easy nowadays and, in many cases, both parents have to go out to work... but that their children are young (4 and 9/or 10), that this time passes by fast and their kids need them now. At the end I told them that I was concerned the girl would not be prepared to pass to Y1, where they work at desks and hardly play. Since they are normally going back to their country this summer, I asked if she would be going to Y1 or Kindergarten 3 (5 - 6 years olds). She only becomes 5 the last week in June, when our school year ends. Dad said probably K3. I said that would probably be the best for her as I considered she needed more time to mature and have the stamina and resilience needed for Y1 work (as of a British Curriculum). Many European countries don't start reading or writing until Y1. Parents wrote on Friday to please sent her 2nd reading book so that they could sit with her during our 2 week Easter holiday. I do hope her parents have meditated about all the situation and realise that they do need to take more time with their kids.
  6. I just read about this article that came out today and I am saddened as I am sure Primary teachers will push it so that our little ones achieve what THEY want, yet not necessarily what is best for our 4 - 5 year olds in Reception... ?especially our summer children. What do you think? http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/2017/03/department-for-education-primary-assessment-consultation-launched/?utm_source=Foundation+Years&utm_campaign=97e06d30d7-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_03_28&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e05004a334-97e06d30d7-296142345
  7. Delicate issue

    I spoke with someone in our Administration Team and she checked who was the person in charge for something like this. I saw him this afternoon and we will be meeting soon. I do hope the parents read the agenda/diary today and respond accordingly as they previously did in regards to her tantrums. Please keep her and this situation in your thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted. Thanks and have a nice weekend.
  8. Delicate issue

    Thanks everyone! Technically she didn't touch under his pants, just over his trousers, but since I have been noticing her being too "cuddly", i am concerned. I know it's normal for them to want to learn about their gender and that of others, especially around the age of 4. That is why I have a girl doll, a boy doll and with different skin tones... ideally with different races, but we don't have for much. I am alone with my group, thankfully only 10 children this year even though I have had up to 18. The parents did not even sign their school diary yesterday evening. I asked the girl if her parents were at home last night, as sometimes her mum has to go out of the country due to work reasons. She said yes, but that her dad slept in her brother's room because they fight a lot. It breaks my heart all what she goes through at such a tender age. I will surely print the poster and will discuss it with the one in charge about delicate issues and safety in our school. I am so blessed to have your insight and help. Thanks a million!???
  9. I have a 4 year old girl who had been extra cuddling with one of the boys in the classroom. I had spoken with them, that a soft and short hug was fine now and then, but no extended/long hugs were necessary... the same for kisses on the check. We spoke about respect towards each other's bodies and what is age appropriate. Yesterday, the same girl, I caught her touching a boys private area and he did the same. It was then that it came out that she had kissed another boy on his lips in previous days. I spoke with both of them. Later in the afternoon I see her do it again (touching and laughing about it). I was firm and said "No" and I wrote a note to her parents as they do not bring her not fetch her. They leave home at 6 am and return around 8 pm from M - F. She has changed from au pair several times in the past years... 3 this school year and at least 2 last year. She has big tantrums now and then. We have dealt with this part by using "Take a Break". It was at the same time that she had a new lady taking care of her and things seemed to be better, but this week she is back with behaviour issues. I hope they spoke with her, otherwise we need to meet another meet about this new issue (touching and kissing). What suggestions do you give me on how to deal this with her and her classmates and also when speaking with her parents? Thanks in advance!
  10. Poverty

    Thanks a million, ladies!???
  11. Okie dockie, Narnia. I trust in you. I suppose I don't shop around that much and, therefore, had not noticed other businesses have done the same.? Thanks for helping us out, especially meas I am out of the UK and know less. ?
  12. Hi everyone! We are going to have a charity fundraising activity in a couple of weeks. How would you explain poverty to 4 year olds and what activities would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  13. No, I had downloaded the Sparkle Box one myself from his website before the scandal. Our school has a Premium subscription with Twinkl and I downloaded it from there in these days. The thing is that they have many resources that are similar to many that I had used in the SB website long time ago. So, if SB had created it first, wouldn't Twinkl be infringing copy rights by making a similar, if not almost identical reproduction? If they would have any connections... Would they say so? <_<
  14. Yes... sorry... I wrote it wrong.