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To Go Or Not To Go?


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I have an interview for a Reception teacher next week which is ten minutes away but my current head has offered me more to stay?


What would you do?

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Hi if you have looked for another job that may be telling me you are not truly happy with your job, if you dont go to your interview you will not know whether they may offer you something better or if you will enjoy this new position more, you could also be giving yourself the chance to compare jobs for yourself not sure if that makes sense really :o

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Guest budgie1

I suppose it depends on the reasons you wanted to leave.


Do you want more responsibility? a change? bigger /smaller school? Is it just time to move on? Are you happy where you are?

If I had decided the time was right for me to move on then I would probably still go, If however I was reluctantly moving on for more money and the head had offered me more, I would stay!

Sorry, I havent been much help! :o

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I am not a reception teacher but if I were in a similar situation in my current role within a preschool I would still go for the interview.


I think if you don't go you might wonder 'what if' - I guess it also depends why you are thinking of leaving your current post. If it is purely for financial reasons then maybe it is a case of 'problem solved' and forget the interview!


Sorry a bit of a mixed message really so probably not much help :o

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If you were looking for a job (always supposing it wasn't just for more money and you were absolutely 100% happy in your job apart from the salary) then on some level I would say you were at least unsettled in your current job.


I'd go for the interview, do your best to get the job and then when you get offered the post you can contrast and compare both positions and make your decision from there.


Otherwise you'll never know what might have happened, and this job might have been the one to change your life forever!



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Its a difficult call Poppypig, but something has made you look for a new job and you need to analyse that in your own mind? Remember that you will get asked " will you accept his job if you are offered it " during the interview and it may not go down too well should you then be offered and say no thanks. You're unlikely meanwhile to be offered the job, should you say "no"! However, it may become evident during the interview that this is the job for you or not should you go. The interview process is a 2 way thing, you get a chance to ask them questions and ascertain that you will be happy in the job. Your visit, assuming you have visited will also have given you some clues although you would not presumably have applied if you thought you would not fit in for some reason.


Good luck, whatever you decide!

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I think you should go for the interview.


Personally the "what if" would annoy me if I didnt go.


Your principle has offered you more money, which would suggest that he values what you do, but is it enough?? I suppose it all depends on your reason for applying for another job in the first place.


Let us know how you get on and good luck!

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Just wanted to say good luck with what ever you decide. I've been in a similar position and haven't gone for it and although there is a slight what if I am also happy where I am as it is a great school with great people. As other's have said it really depends on your reasons for wanting to leave. Mine were purely financial and then decided that I wasn't driven by money and preferred to stay somewhere where I was happy, supported and strove to give each child the best education. At the end of the day it depends what you want and I'm afraid only you can answer that.

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Hi poppypig,


I work in a school which is a 30 minutes drive from my house.

I was head-hunted and offered the job as Foundation teacher at another independant school which is only 5 minutes walk away.

After much soul searching discussion with my family, and my head teacher I decided to take it.

It was more money, and would have made life so much easier.

BUT.....after giving in my notice and accepting the other post, I just couldn't leave where I am.

I know parents come and go, but they were all really upset and some in tears when they were told I was leaving, and as much as life isn't always perfect I actually love where I am.

Although the school matched the wages, at the end of the day, it wasn't about the money, it is where I am happy and although I may have been just as happy else where, it came down to the act I just didn't want to leave.

I see the head from the other school, and staff round about and all are still friendly, so no hard feelings.


All this was twelve months ago, and I have have no regrets at all.


My advice - do what makes you happy :o


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Wow thanks for all the advice.


I am going to go for the interview and see what happens and if i get the job.


I suppose things happen for a reason and whatever happens will be the right decision.


The reason I applied for the job is beacuse its nearer to my house and I will save money on petrol and tunnel fee and it is a bigger school. I have been in my current position for 4 years and i am very happy there. I love the people, the school itself and the head is very supportive. The head has asked me to go to Year 1 this year and I was made up when she suggested this as i have been in Reception for 6 years. But then new job is to coordinate the foundation stage?


Oh no all confused again as what is for the best.

Head is going to give me an exact figure on tuesday of how much extra she will give me?

Is it better the devil you know??

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My advice is to follow your heart and your gut feeling - if, like others have said, you have been looking and have applied, then something is telling you it is time to leave. Travel time and money is important esp when commutes on the same route always tend to get longer than shorter!!!


If you have been offered an interview for a FS co-ordinator then it shows that the other school feels that you can fulfill the role. The new role will enable you to use your experience and offer progression for your career. Also working in a bigger school also gives other opportunities too.


See how the other school feels - if you feel 'at home' and relaxed, go for it and see what your current head offers you. If you think you could commit to a few years more at your current school in a new role, then stay.


Do what feels best :o

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Guest tinkerbell

Lots of sound advice

I just want to add my good wishes for whatever you decide.Foundation stage coordinator is a definite career move,putting your knowledge into practice in a new setting with new staff,sound very exciting......there again teaching a year1 will also be very interesting to see where the children you taught progress onto the national curriculum......



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i would go for the interview, ask all the questions you need to, look around the school,do whatever you feel you need to to be able to make a decision if offered the job.

it could be that you think this is the place for me or then again you could think this is not the place for me - at least you will have tried and you wont be thinking i wonder......

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Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Sometimes its hard to leave somewhere.... but you will know whether the new school is for you.....

Part of being a FS coord. is looking at transition into year 1 so although you wouldn't be teaching a year 1 class you will still liase with them.


Good Luck



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I would go for the interview and if you get the job- take it!


I was in similar situation 5 years ago, HT at time offered me more money to stay and pointed out that by going to a smaller school in a different authority, I would have fewer opportunities to develop my career.

Ironically, it turned out to be best career move I could have made! Smaller school meant I had to take on responsibility for areas that I'd never touched before as there had always been someone else to do them, less funding meant I had to be more resourceful and find out where I could write bids to to get funding for various projects.

I set up a parents group, ran a stay and play, craft workshops etc.etc., plus loads of things I had never done before.


I recently moved jobs again and am now teacher in CC and loving it! Had I stayed at the first school, I wouldn't have developed as I did and wouldn't never have been able to consider applying for CC job. Also new people, places, systems etc. does push you out of your comfort zone very much and it's not always easy, but it made me aware that I had skills I didn't know I had.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Thank you for all your advise!


I had the interview yesterday and I got the job!!!!


I am so pleased and glad i went for the job.

I am now foundation stage coordinator and in charge of a unit with 58 children in it. I am so happy and I am definitiely taking the position.



So thanks again for everything




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