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I feel the need to share this link. It came all the way from New Zealand courtesy of my sister and its yummy!! :oxD


It show some members of the New Zealand rugby team swapping jerseys. It is from the official addidas site, so if they think its ok, then so do I!!


Feel free to enjoy www.jerseyswap.co.nz


I apologise now if it offends anyone.


If I do get thrown off the forum, could someone please start a "Save The Mummyspud One" campaign, a bit like they did for Dierdre Barlow!!!



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brilliant.. xD


just hope they don't find out I 'egged you on' :o





I burst out laughing when I read this and Martin wanted to know what I was laughing at, so I showed him the site!!


He just smirked and shook his head and said "What are you like!!" :(

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Am off sick today with my stupid busted ankle - exercise isn't good for me apparently! and this has made my day...

am a particular fan of the 'slo-mo' replay option!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I only get a blank screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I get to choose two- then just a black screen!.........then it has the cheek to ask if I want to see again in sloooo motion!




ohh dear poor you :o

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It does it for me mummyspud xD


How about this one I found for my friend Jonny Wilkinson



Did you say you found this for your friend?? Is you friend Jonny Wilkinson? Is the man in this picture Jonny Wilkinson?? Does he live locally? :o:(

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