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Tapestry Newsletter June 2020



Hi Weavers,

Welcome to the June Tapestry newsletter.

It’s been another busy month here at Tapestry. We have released two new features, welcomed three new members of staff to the team (remotely!) and continued to work on creating supporting resources to help you with home learning and now, end of year transitions.

In this newsletter we’ll introduce our new features as well as a compilation of all the resources we have to help you with the end of year process on Tapestry. Let’s get started!

New Features

Enrolling Children

Earlier this month we added the ability to add children as ‘enrolling’. It’s possible to do this individually or in bulk. Children who are enrolling do not contribute to the number of active children on your package and you can’t use the full functionality of Tapestry with them.

The following actions can be completed with children who are enrolling:

To add children as enrolling you can follow our tutorials for adding children individually and adding them in bulk. Once you have done so, this tutorial talks you through how to activate them.

Please note, you can only add as many enrolling children as you have active child spaces, so for example if you have our up to 60 child package, you would only be able to add 60 enrolling children. Also, once you make an enrolling child active, it’s not possible to change them back to enrolling.

Access to accident forms outside of the Care Diary

For schools and settings who want to use the accident forms on Tapestry but for whom the Care Diary is not age-appropriate, we have now added the ability to enable accidents separately from the Care Diary. This can be done by any manager on an account by going to the Control Panel – Features. It’s not possible to have both Accidents and the Care Diary enabled on your account. Therefore, if you are using one and swap to the other, the previously enabled one will be disabled. If you do this, any completed accident forms from the previously enabled feature will show up in the current one. In addition, if you have the Care Diary turned on and start using Accidents, all your Care Diary entries will be saved and can be accessed if you start using the Care Diary again.

To find out how to enable Accidents separately from the Care Diary, take a look at this tutorial. You can then follow this one which explains how to use the Accidents feature. If you’re interested in accessing the accidents section within the Care Diary and using the Care Diary as a whole, this tutorial will explain how to enable the Care Diary on your account. You can then follow this one to see how to complete an accident form here.

What to do at the end of the year


Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we will be posting a range of video tutorials which will talk you through the different steps you might want to take on your account at the end of the year.

You can watch our first end of year video tutorial on how to download children’s learning journals individually and in bulk here.

Written tutorials

You can also find all our written tutorials about academic year changeover in the ‘End of Year’ section of our main tutorials page. Tutorials here include how to download children’s learning journals, how to transfer children between packages and how to delete children from your account.


To make sure you have covered every step you may need to take on your Tapestry account when you transition between academic years, take a look at this article, which breaks the whole process down into nice, easy to follow steps.

If you are adding new parents or relatives to your Tapestry account, we have written an article which covers all the data protection and safeguarding considerations you might need to think about before you add them. You can read this online here. If you are new to Tapestry, we would suggest you don’t add parents or relatives onto your account until you feel confident using Tapestry. Then, if parents have any queries, you’ll be ready to help them.

Need to add new children before deleting your current cohort?

If you want to add your new cohort of children but aren’t ready to delete the current children, you may want to use our new enrolling feature to add the new children, though please note, you can’t use the full functionality of Tapestry with children that are enrolling. See the new features section of our newsletter to see how to add children as enrolling.

If you would like to be able to make observations, memos or activities to share with the parents of new children then you will need to add the children as active to your account. To discuss your options of adding the new children as active if you don’t have enough free child spaces on your account, please get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info.