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Hi all,

Looking for some advice. With all of the stress from dealing with Covid and just trying to keep our preschool open with just the three staff that we have….we have found ourselves a little behind with paperwork.

We have fallen behind with 2 year checks and we are thinking that we should get them done ASAP. The only thing is, some of the children are now 3. Obviously 2 year checks are statutory, but would you still put that as the report title? We were thinking maybe we should call them 2 year checks and progress reports? Please help 


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Totally agree with Louby Lou. Our two year checks are usually done nearer the child turning three. We had Ofsted yesterday and she asked to see a selection of two year checks so you need to have them. Just explain that they are delayed and why if any questions are asked. Don’t give yourself a hard time, it’s been a hard couple of years. 

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Yes, that’s what I’d do too.  We sometimes didn’t have children joining until they were almost 3 anyway, so we called them ‘baseline 2/3’   I’d certainly not be losing sleep over it.  

How many children are you talking about, and are you using Tapestry?  If you are, then you should be able to rattle through them without too much bother at all.   There’s been no obs whilst you’ve been non- operational, so that will actually work in your favour and give you those older observations on which to base your 2’s.   

Just try and get a couple done a week, yourself - DELEGATE to key persons of course - that will give you good one to one time when you go through it with them, to make sure you’re all on the same page.   

Or have an evening together as a team with nibbles etc and just go through them - you’ll be surprised at how many you can get through as you say ‘Oh Jack is the same level as Jill, so we can use very similar wording there’.  

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We have a short parent meeting in the setting as soon as the parent is available. We then write up as a 2 year old report on tapestry and get parents to sign. If a staff member has done a 2 year old check near to the end of term we don't do another report.

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