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Do any of you use this above on the children? We dont- used to years ago but were then told to stop if it was alcohol based and f course thats all we have now.

We have an ongoing debate at work at present whether it would be ok to use it just once a day administered by an adult. I've tried to research but cant find anything recent on whether to use or not. At least not anything credible. I did find an article that said to always wash your hands after using it. 


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As long as children are washing their hands on entry (effectively) that will be fine. There isn't any need to use hand gels unless there is no suitable water supply. I do understand that people are using them and i can understand why but they are very high in alcohol (to work) and this is absorbed through the skin. One or two applications in a day might be ok but at the moment some of these children are getting lots more. My hands are suffering !

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No sanitiser on children.

We bring the children in 2 at a time and they wash hands with adult supervision. Works for us as the walk from carpark allows time

Home time we spray magic spray (soapy water) and the children rub hands, then rinse off  on the way out.  Much quicker, parents can then use sanitiser once collected if the want to.

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On 07/10/2020 at 13:56, Rebecca Day_40126701 said:

We use sanitiser throughout the day. On entry and after snack, plus any other time we can not get all 44 children's hands washed in the day. 

Welcome to the forum x

(just noticed that you posted this back in October!  Sorry I missed welcoming you then)

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