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Care Diary's on the tapestry app

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We have been using tapestry for a few years now and have read that care diary's will be added to the app in the future. 

Is this still being looked into and if so can we have a rough timescale please?

we are a 80 place setting and are very keen at using your care diary system, but unfortunately using it on the online version is not sustainable for us as only management are able to log into the online version. 

We would be willing to trial the care diary on the app as and when you have created this, 

thank you,

Karen Busby 

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Hi Karen -

It's still relatively high on our to-do list - however, we can't give you time scales as we're working on a pretty big extension to Tapestry's functionality at the moment, that has the top slot in terms of priorities.

Unless you've set your permissions differently though, your staff can access the care diary - the screens work very well on a tablet browser?


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Hi there,

As Steve says, adding the Care Diary to the app is something that's on our To Do list. I have added you to the list of people to be beta testers of the Care Diary on the app when the time comes, and Tapestry Product Support will keep in touch with you about that. 

Best wishes,


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On 21/11/2019 at 16:43, Emily said:

Hi littlerainbows,

We are actually working on it as we speak! As soon as this is available, we'll let you know. :)

Best wishes,


Hi, sorry to jump in on this post.

But this was the response I had a couple of months ago, is this feature now not being worked on then? If this is the case I think it is a real shame as I have seen a lot of people asking for this feature and it would greatly reduce the amount of time staff have to spend on ipads. 

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Which is why it is still high on our to-do list. However, with seven full time software developers we still struggle to implement all the features many weavers ask for, so we have regular prioritisation meetings to work out the most important things to approach first. We will be turning our attention to it soon - If it's any consolation the devs are manacled to their desks and only let out one day a year each! :)

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We use the care diary every day for our baby room (15 children) and our toddler room (16 children) - we record all meals, nappies, sleeps etc as well as including a note about activities enjoyed and friends played with. We use Amazon Fire tablets, we log on via the Browser and have a staff member in each room called 'Care Diary (room name)' who has email log in. The password is set to save on the tablet (so staff don't know what it is - they only see dots) and as manager I can see when the care diary has been accessed. If the care diary log in expires or requires updating I can do that easily in the morning - not a problem. None of my staff access Tapestry at home (for safeguarding and staff well being purposes) so having a member of staff called Care Diary works extremely well for us. We use the accident forms on the care diary for our preschool group. It's never been a problem and I can't see how it being on the app would change it for us?

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the care diary feature is something we have just started using at Bolehill Nursery and we are loving it but we would also like it if we could use the care diary feature on the app as our internet browser use is restricted on the tablets! 


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Hi Amy -

We do have it on our to-do list to add it to the apps, but it's not under development yet, so sadly I can't give you any estimate of when it will be available. It's a real shame that your tablets' browsers are restricted, as we did work hard to make sure it was as useable as possible on a small screen browser. Do you have a close enough working relationship with your IT providers that they could permit a web browser to have access to specified URLs?

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It's taken a while but I'm pleased to let you know that this feature is now available for staff to use on the latest version of the Tapestry Android app (4.2.0), which should be downloadable from the Google Play Store. We are also working on giving parents access to the Care Diary via the app on both platforms, but it's not yet available for parent users unfortunately.

After you’ve updated to the latest version, please see these guides to use the Care Diary on the app:

Please let us know how you find it and if you have any problems using it.

If you only have iOS devices, I'm afraid that the update isn't yet available for apple users, we're still working on this.

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