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Tapestry Register?

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Hi Mouseketeer!

Thank you so much for your interest in the register feature! 

Indeed, this is something we are working with the hopes of having it ready as soon as possible. We are still tweaking things here and there, so we are hoping to be able to take on testers within the next couple of months.

I have added you to the list of interested people so we can be in touch with you the moment this is available for testing :) 

Best wishes,


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Thank you! I am really really looking forward to this feature - I do have one query with it in terms of the amount of children, I have quite a few after-schoolers as I have different children each day.  Are we able to add children to just the register so that they don't take up a space within the early years learning journal?  Just aware there's a price jump for more than 12 children which at the moment with only 2 early years I haven't had to worry about falling into the larger groups of children.  I think I'll still be within the 12 for now - just curious for future reference. many thanks, Amy

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Hi Amy,

That's great to hear that you'd looking forward to this!

At the moment we have more envisaged the register function as an integrated feature of the rest of Tapestry, so you can use it with the children you have added to your package, but I will bring this up with the rest of the team so we can discuss it! 

Best wishes,



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Id love to test this function, we have tested our current one which is part of the invoicing software which needs work and we have already set up and run electronic pupil tracking data sheets. So would love to see the difference and functions you are offering, eekkk do we have a scheduled date yet 


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