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Hi All,

Just want to pick your brains.

Legally schools are obliged to share information/engage with/provide copies of records/info/reports etc for all parents with parental responsibilty, even if that means duplicating them.

What's the general state of play in a setting? Especially if there are concerns about a child's behaviour/learning and the like.



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Hi catma, we share as well unless one parent has legal paperwork saying we can’t, I have a statement on the registration forms saying about parental responsibility and that they have to add non-resident parent details also (expect that will probably have some sort of GDPR implication now - but we might need them in an emergency so that must count for something?) adding both to Tapestry gets the child a great deal as they try to out do each other with the best outings/holidays for their child to share at news time :)

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