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Hi All

Just wondering if any of your settings has an indoor/no shoe policy for children.

We are a pre school in a large hall and children have free access to the garden. The hall is half carpet and lino.

A parent brought up the suggestion of indoor shoes/no shoes. Manager has said she'll think about it but I can see it being difficult to manage. The children have wellies for wet days but otherwise the wear their normal shoes in and out.

Parents also come into the hall also for drop off and pick up so can't see them removing shoes either! 

I can see the benefit of indoor shoes as there must be all kinds of nasties on shoes plus some children come 3+ days 9-3.

I thought it ask here and take some feedback to the manager.

As a parent I send my daughter in Clark's shoes with a soft flexible sole and think these are fine for her feet however some parents do put the most awkward and I'd imagine uncomfortable shoes on their children. 

Look forward to your thoughts 

C x

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we all have wellies for outside which are used all the year round....really helps to keep the sand and mud in the garden and a large coir mat by the front door to wipe feet  We have a wooden floor so need to help protect it but children slip if only in socks.

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We always had slippers, gentler on the fingers if you get stood on, quieter and much cleaner too!    Also helps children earn valuable dressing and self-help skills. 

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