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I got the call that ofsted are visiting us on Monday at 12.30 Friday whilst at home one my day off. I popped into work yesterday, just to get all the paper work together required. I am now sat at home panicing I should be at work doing something. We had a staff meeting/trading day on the 17th in which we changed the routine. Put this in place last week, now I worried if we should continue with the new routine or revert to the old routine. Sorry for the ramble. 

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First of all ....breathhhhhh, I would say if you had the new routine in place last week stick with it, explain you’ve changed the routine, be clear on why you’ve changed it and what the benefits will be when embedded, it will show you are adapting the provision to improve outcomes, be positive about everything you do, I’m sure you’ll be fine....Good Luck :-) 

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Think about why you made the changes - what were the reasons, the observations you made as leaders to decide this? Your strength of leadership and self evaluation skills may well be really shown through the process you went through. Can your team talk about why too?

I'd say relax and focus on being fresh for tomorrow - it will be busy!!


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