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Hello all,

I'm planning for our setting's outdoor environment and would like to lead an activity based on a storybook. I can only think of two suitable storybooks, The Gruffalo and We're Going on a Bear Hunt, but we have used those books already recently and I want to try something new.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

We are very lucky in our setting and therefore space and resources should not be a problem.

Thank you!

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Thanks guys!

Leaf Hunt - that could work well, but I fear it's a little too similar to the Bear hunt. I'll have a look at the setting's copy when I get a chance and see how I could do it (I can't remember it if I'm honest!)

Stick Man - just read through my copy and I think it would work with children acting as each of the animals/people who take him and then do is says in the book (throw him in a 'river' etc.), but I'm not sure how I could effectively do the latter half?

Shhh - I'm unfamiliar with this book so I'll have to check if we have a copy!

Picnic - Another I'm unfamiliar with!

3 Little Pigs - ah yes of course! I could definitely work this one!

Red Riding Hood - this one too, depending on which copy we have but I'm also not sure if there's too much the children could really do?


I've also thought of Monkey Puzzle and someone has mention Zog but I don't have a copy to hand and can't quite remember what his tasks were


I'd quite like some less familiar ones (ironic, since I've noted a couple above I don't know) so the children a bit more awe, fascination, and curiosity, but will know the story well by the end of the week.

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Hello all, I am so sorry I did not get back to this, I got a little bogged down in work and it slipped by. This is the first time I have logged in since my last comment on this thread! In compensaiton, I have attached a few activities plans for books I have used - I hope they are of use to someone.

I ended up going with Monkey Puzzle, which was a huge success! I got the children to act out each animal we found (stomping aorund like a big elephant, flying like a bat etc.) which added great entertainment and kept a large group engaged, whilst also drawing in others

I also led an activity for the Leaf Hunt (thank you panders!). I changed from my plan a little, sending children on a hunt for different coloured leaves after each obstacle (e.g. everyone find a green leaf!).

The Little Red Hen is a bonus one for you all that I did during harvest.


NHN Activity Plan (Leaf Hunt).docx

NHN Activity Plan (Monkey Puzzle).docx

NHN Activity Plan (Little Red Hen).docx

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