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I'm a newbie to the forum and to Tapestry, I am a childminder in the South West 'waves hello' :1b


I can't figure out how to add friends on here I have at least one one here I know lol!


I was wondering if I am missing something but it's a little frustrating that Tapestry doesn't indicate what observations you have already recorded when you are making a new one, is this likely to change does anyone know, would be useful (or is it just me?!)



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Hi and welcome to the forum, you can add friends by visiting their profile (just click their name). TBH when we started using Tapestry a couple of years I also would have liked to have seen a way when doing an individual ob that showed statements not already observed or maybe the ones that had been highlighted/ticked or something, this caused us problems with progress as staff kept selecting statements below the child's level because it's what they saw, we don't use them at all now and only use the CoEL ( staff do still like to keep a paper sheet)

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hello and welcome... :1b


I am no tapestry expert! but if you go to snapshots and chose an individual it will show you which areas have been ob'd....would that help? i guess the thing is that you need to have seen something a few times before you know the child has consolidated it.

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Hi Amanda,

Welcome to the forum :1b

We often think about this one when we're deciding what to introduce into Tapestry next. But, our general feeling is that if we did that, then staff would be tempted to either assess at the same level, or slightly higher- regardless of what they're observing! So, for example, a child has been assessed as 22-36 emerging. We make this available on the obs screen, so when staff next observe the child, they are 'steered' to either choosing the same, or to go for 22-36 developing. No matter what the child has achieved.

That's what we think at the moment, so this feature always gets put further down the 'to do' list! But, we always review what's on this list and regularly adapt our priorities depending on feedback. We'll wait to hear what other weavers think.....

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