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Hi all,


I am overhauling our admin structure and would like to find out how other settings run their office and admin side.


Do you use excel for attendance and invoicing parents or do you use a program?


We are a committee run charity - do any others use online banking or allow parents the opportunity to pay online - if so how????


Thank you

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Very old school me - paper registers and invoices!


New school (?) though for banking - I am online!!! Parents can, if they wish pay by BACs transfer - they just have account number and sort code and voila! it arrives in our account.....hopefully.

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We use a system for producing invoices, but I email the invoices to parents and they are able to pay online and I pay most of our bills online too.


We have a paper register, but we are introducing a tracking of attendance from those sheets onto excel.

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We have paper registers.


I email the invoices, unless I know there is no pc in the house. Most payments are either transferred or cash. I have a business bank account that is BACs biased so I only pay for cash deposits. I would take cheques but no one seems to use them these days!

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Absolutely everything is electronic with us - I put it in place to save a lot of time and to provide controls as we are doing admin for 4 settings in one office. Parents pay by standing order, BACS or card - the card payments are taken on a touchscreen wi-fi machine which texts/emails a receipt so we don't have to have paper rolls. Registers are sent remotely to each setting and they print them out. We don't do invoices unless parents ask for them, we inform them of a monthly payment amount by when they start by email showing exactly how the amount is calculated. If their days change or they leave before the end of a year, we calculate a balancing payment. Wages are by one BACS payment and payslips by email direct from the payroll programme. All suppliers paid by BACS. All staff memos are by email, messages to parents by text and newsletters by email. Staff are informed of booked training and they request and get approval of holidays all from our staff days management software which they all have an app for.


It's like a different world from 20 odd years ago when I started doing this!!

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Paper registers that I produce once a half term and print off weekly.


Excel for showing what hours everyone has done and then typed onto invoices (showing how many hours FFE they have accessed as requested by our LA) which are then emailed to the parents. Even the ones who have a NIL invoice get one emailed.


Parents have the choice whether to pay online or by cheque and I don't think I have taken a cheque this year. I must admit they are very good and if they do an extra session or lunch will tell me that they have paid online when they turn up for it.

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