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  1. Ratio help please 😳😶

    Hi all, please could you clear up something for me? I will be phoning Ofsted tomorrow but I know how long that is going to take and also that potentially they will pass it back to provider to decide. When working out ratios - (We are a preschool and have 1 room). If you have two qualified staff members how many children can you have aged two years old and three/four years old? I have always understood it (and been told by Ofsted in the past) that 1 member can have 4 under 2's and the other can have 8 over 3's? This agrees with the EYFS. However if you only have 1 under two, do you bring down three older children into the two year old bracket to ensure they don't go over 4 children and therefore in total can have 12 children with two staff. OR....... can 1 staff member have 1 under 2 and 7 under 3's and the second staff member have 8 over threes totalling 16 children altogether? Thanks
  2. Thank you all for your help - Hi Foreveryoung - your comments fall inline with what we would like to do, it is just how to get it into place. Who do you use for online banking?? We are experiencing difficulties with our banking and our committee are instigating online banking, but it has taken about 18 months and still having problems with signatories. Thank you
  3. Hi Finsleymaid, how many hours is this for per week? I am in ratio due to reductions of children in September, although increased numbers now, my hours have stayed the same as we are predicting a loss. Mouseketeer - we may not need a separate finance person we need to sort out a lot of things in our committee so that myself as manager and the team can run the setting and feedback to committee - but it's not working as they are still to involved. How does your management committee operate?
  4. Thank you for reply. We do have an administrator for 16 hours a week and she does complete some of the leg work for funding and invoicing, we also use QuickBooks (although early days). But it is the work on budgets and the other financial tasks such as purchases, reports, forecasting and budgeting. Do you have an administrator?
  5. Hello all, Looking for advice and i am fairly confident that I am not alone in this. WE are a committee run setting and over the years the interest from parents has diminished, we have a committee of 10 and yes this sounds good, but only a couple are proactive. We have a lot going on and a lot of decisions need to be made and most of them begin or end with finances, which we seem unable to grasp and keep consistency in this area. Our current treasurer is also stepping down in August and although we have advertised and asked parents about the role, there is no interest. However I did wonder if we can pay for an accountant or bookkeeper to carry out this role? Has anyone ever done this, does it work? was it expensive? Any thoughts and advice would be very welcomed. Thanks
  6. Committee/manager help

    Wow foreveryoung that is amazing! Thank you so very much for your advice. I am too nice and too patient, trouble is I have tried stepping it up a bit, but my chairperson either doesn't agree, doesn't do anything and then the rest of the committee members I copy in don't say anything either. I will try as you have suggested and I like the fact that actually the agenda follows the manager and the setting and I also like your legal and policy updates. In actual fact enforcing them to be aware and a good record for ofsted too. Thank you
  7. Committee/manager help

    Hi all, and thank you for your comments. Yes I have tried to arrange meetings with my chairperson, but he has a very full on job and not around much. I am a crafter and certainly not a needy manager at all, but it is the staffing stuff that they do shy away from- this causes me problems because nothing gets finalised and yes they don't make decisions, financial or staffing and then we are paddling against the tide.......... We now have a brand new committee which is so exciting to have fresh blood and enthusiasm, but we are 4 weeks in and there haven't been any meetings or plans about their roles or the expectations. I have e-mailed all the important documents they need to be aware of and probably completely freaked them out! Diesel10, when the committee react like that, do things gets done though? My worry is I would do seek advice and get someone on board and tell them everything, which would up set committee, but if it improved things and they got on with their side of the deal then that would be amazing, but I am scared it won't improve and will make relationships worse.
  8. Committee/manager help

    Thank you so much foreveryoung - your post has made me feel so much better. I don't want to leave because we have come so far and i have worked so hard over the last four years turning things around and if i go, it will send the setting back, not because of me, but because of the committee and the time it takes to recruit. As you say i have nothing to loose and so will talk first. I have got support of the PLA and she is providing the training you suggested but not until December. Do you have to be tough at committee meetings to move on and get actions and decisions made or do you sit back and allow them their time - this is what I do and it stresses me out, 30 minutes later and they still haven't decided. Or 3 weeks later and the Chairperson still hasn't agreed a decision and staff difficulties are then in limbo as we wait for him to agree and then confirm! What do you do,if you are waiting for a decision and no-one seems to take it seriously? Thank you
  9. Committee/manager help

    Hi, So long story, but I manage a committee run provision that is really getting me down. We aren't moving forward with the times, have no idea what is being done. So, If as manager you felt that things were being run the wrong way from above in many ways, that stops you from managing and running the provision effectively because you are doing their tasks or can't do anything, because the committee haven't. What would you do?? Leave and let all the hard work you have done just go to waste Seek referral from Local Authority and tell them the mess everything is on to get back on right track I will add that I am fully supportive of our committee, I have been on that side too and it is very hard - so please don't view my post as a critical attack on volunteers. Thanks
  10. Thank you very much for all your replies, i find it very reassuring that the problems i am experiencing are common, and it is very difficult hopeytg when friendships cross over - I am the same, but i do like your phrase and think i may borrow that as it will certainly give me an explanation and almost a shield to allow me too bounce off my reasons without feeling guilty. I am working on a rota now and it is giving me some hope that it may work if not, then at least i will have a reason to go to somebody to discuss why it hasn't been done. I don't want to be picky, but i realise if the little things are not nipped in the bud, then they escalate and then to late to deal with. Thank you all for your great ideas.
  11. Thank you, brilliant advice - i did consider a rota actually for everything and then i thought i would have something in place that gives responsibility and then accountability. Do you break down the rota to each responsibility each day? Do you have an effective way of recording conversations? so if i have already spoken to a staff member about the same thing - do you record that, so you have written evidence? Basically i could issue stronger warnings for responsibilities not being carried out effectively but then have nothing on paper. Thank you
  12. Morning all, I am looking for some wisdom and advice on a Sunday morning, as it is the nature of our roles, i am fairly confident that i am not the only "nutter" working! half term is the only time i can catch up, reflect and plan to improve! So, my ongoing staffing difficulties are: 1. Ensuring that my staff team are behaving to a higher expectation consistently 2. I believe i make it easy for them as i am a "doer" and often find it quicker to do it myself if it hasn't been done - to mine and their detriment of course :( 3.Staff taking responsibility and being held accountable for adding to all things, such as planning, observations, staff meetings, SEF, health & safety, risk assessment So, my questions are: 1. How do you monitor which staff members are not "pulling their weight" or are perhaps not on board with ideas and then not following them through or maybe forget to carry out their responsibilities - example 1: out of my team, it is always the same 2 staff members that will not set up activities or tidy up the resources throughout the day, or walk past the sink full of dirty paint pots and brushes, or will keep walking past the heap of boots and coats on the floor in the lobby Example 2:everyone is reminded on a daily basis to ensure that they carry out the daily risk assessment and checks - so filling up the soap and the hand towel is ticked and initialled, but not done! Example 3: Fire checks have been claimed to be carried out on a weekly basis - emergency lights, alarms working etc, but when i go to check - there are no records? claims that they have got lost or binned by someone else 2. How do you record conversations you may have had with a staff member about the above situations when we are in ratio or office or just generally buzzing around trying to get through the day? I then kick myself at supervisions as i haven't got any record if anything conversation, excuse etc - particularly example 3.......... 3. How do you link or annotate conversations/supervisions/staff meeting notes to ensure that you can manage and ensure staff are meeting expectations? 4. How do you encourage and support the team to engage and take part Sorry for a very deep long post, but this is an area that i cannot seem to fulfil accurately and when it comes to a situation, i know i have had conversations but i have no record f anything to support my claim and therefore find it extremely difficult to bring staff behaviours up to a high standard. Thanks so much for any advice i may receive
  13. Hi all, We are a preschool that from September will be offering preschool sessions between the hours of 9.00- 3.30, two preschool sessions and a 45 minute lunch in between. We have planned to offer 10 x 30 hour places from September. We have then gone on to work out many 15 hour spaces, 18 hour spaces and 9 hour spaces to ensure flexibility. However we also wanted to stipulate that some of these hours must include afternoon sessions and morning sessions, so if a child come for 9 hours, 2 p.m. and 1 a.m. session. Can we do this??? Is anyone else having this same dilemma or are we making it too difficult?? Thanks
  14. nappy change

    Hi all, I manage a mixed age pre-school, so 2 years & 5 months up and wondering how I can improve our nappy changing facility, as we seem to have more and more children attending in nappies. i have no concerns about this, but just wondering what you all do in limited spaces, we currently change on the floor on a changing mat in a semi-secluded/open area, but this is not ideal and something i would like to improve. How many of you have changing units? and how does this work from a manual handling perspective? thank you How do you all manage this -
  15. 30 hour funding and how to offer it.

    So are the government deciding the "model" and what it must look like? All of your comments are extremely helpful, but I don't know what to do, the overlap of 30 minutes of our walking bus means we may be only able to offer 5-7 places, which I don't think will be sustainable for us, we are committee run setting and I don't know how to explain all of this to them, again one of the downsides of our set up - as they don't work on the floor and so don't understand it in practice. Thank you, it is reAlly helpful to hear all your thoughts and ideas, it is a real nightmare to know what to do. I am going to devise a questionnaire, but that will only be based on thise families we may keep in September, but not sure where to go. I think I will speak to our business advisor too.