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Hi All


My deputy is on long term sick leave so my other level 3's have been taking it in turn to be the named deputy when I am in the office. This has worked well but on Thursday I will be out for most of the day at a senco conference. Staff are unwilling to take full charge for the deputising pay of £1.34 extra per hour. (Taking them from £7.66 to £9 per hour).


Our chairperson at a staff meeting suggested a one of payment of £20 for having full charge for a day or part of. Me and my deputy think this is too much. What do you think?

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Sounds like too much to me. How does that compare to the normal hourly pay of your deputy? I'm sure even though you are on a course they can leave messages for you or committee so not completely alone? Could you temporarily promote one to take over the role?

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Does sound quite a lot extra. But what other options do you have. Not go on the course? I would possibly look at promoting another staff member so this might not happen in the future.( that's if money would allow this).

If your Deputy is on long term sick, this might be something you should do anyway to conform to Ofsteds statutory requirements.

Being at the top is never easy is it.

Good luck with this. Fx

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Thank you for your replies. It would nice to promote someone else but all others only work 3 days each and do not want full time. It's only me and the deputy (who is off sick) that work 5 days.


I could send someone else on the course but I am the senco as the only one interested in special needs. And there's always the possibility that I may be off sick. Although as I don't get sick pay (apart from ssp) I normally just keep working and flake out in the holidays.

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