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1-1 support staff are they included in ratio?


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Just had a christmas humdinger dropped on me!


One staff leaving- for better pay and NVQ3 training thrown in!! Don't blame her : /

Other staff nenber wants to drop hours and key children as shes under pressure at home due to a son with autism and changing schools!!! Understandable. : (


But that leaves me in a massive dilema - staff wise and with new intake due!!


A question for you knowledgeable guys.....I have two children that receive top up funding for sen (i know, lucky me) however their staff support was additional to ratio this term. Can I include them in ratio next term whilst I frantically try to go through the process of employing another staff member - if I can!?

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when the child is not there they could be employed for extra hours to cover.. if they are willing ..

I think that would be the only option open to you Rafa - oh what a complete nightmare - really feel for you.........


Might just be worth checking with your LA......

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What SEND suport have you got in terms of the hours attended by the 2 children and the hours paid? Are you getting the full 15 hours or are you providing extra hours from the settings budget because I would 'guess' that the staff could be in ratio for those extra hours not funding by LA?

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You can't do this and claim the funding. Would they cope without the support?

Yes I knew this really, was just in such a panic!! The children will 'cope' without additional support - just feel bad that I cannot offer it next term as they are making such good progress - not sure parents will be thrilled either! Oh well it is what it is..........


.........just hope Santa brings me a super new practitioner!! - I have been good! : )


Thanks for your thoughts everyone.

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