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This morning I went to a TAC meeting about one of my key children. The child minder who also cares for him was there and actually said this,

"I used to do that EYFS stuff but then it all changed and I haven't had time to catch up with it yet so I'm not doing any now. Maybe you could have a chat and tell what I should be doing" !!

There was a Children Centre rep there as well and she was horrified. And this woman got good from Ofsted last time.

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good grief - but then my authority advisor has often said to me that I wouldn't believe some of the places that they have to support.

They are gobsmacked themselves at some of the settings that pass Ofsted but then equally flummoxed by some of the good settings who get slated

It's the luck of the draw on the day :(

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And as for the chat to get her up-to-date.... I think not!

I'm too busy doing that for the 18 staff I have. I'm not ignoring them to tell you how to do the job you are being paid for (probably more than I get as well!)

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And actually, as I continue my rant, she is the second child minder who has told me I can spend lots of time getting them ready for Ofsted because she had no idea what she was supposed to be doing. And she got Good as well.

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