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  1. I have a meeting with Mum before he starts so will be finding out what her expectations are, I have already let her know he is unlikely to receive one to one support and I wonder if that is what she wanted in the other setting. I will have access to his previous learning journal but wondering if I need parental permission to contact the other setting for information which is something I was considering seeking. I will be letting her know that she will be a big part of his time at our setting, I will definitely be meeting her regularly and I hope she will be proactive which will make it a lot easier x thanks all for your fantastic replies. I feel a little more confident now .
  2. Thanks all x some great advice for me to take forward. ::1a
  3. Thanks Panders x my manager has given him to me as she believes I have the best skills at supporting this child as I have had experience supporting other children with complex needs. I have a list things to do as soon as I know what I am dealing with which includes contacting the inclusion team. I will plan for any sensory needs, Mum wants him to attend long all day sessions and lunch times so there is a lot to think about and she is desperate to get him in! I have already explained that settling in will all depend on how he copes within the setting and might take some time. She wants him to do full sessions straight away which I have pointed out might not be what happens.
  4. I would really appreciate some advice from all you lovely experienced practitioners ( and parents)! this September I have a child starting that has been assessed but not had a diagnosis who possibly has ASD. Our setting has not supported a child on the spectrum before so I have put some things in place. Firstly I am senco and will be the child's key person, so I have researched and read books and created a list of questions to gather as much information as I can when I meet parents so I can see what the child's needs might be before he starts. I will use this information to create an individual plan and a one page profile so that I can ensure all practitioners in my setting understand how to support the child. I have also time tabled a staff meeting so that I can ensure all staff have the knowledge they need to support the child in the setting. Is there an alternative assessment tool other than development matters? I am sure I have seen one but cannot find it despite searching on here. Is there anything you can recommend I put in place that I have not mentioned? what would you as a parent like to hear from me? I have only met the child briefly so will be spending time with him to assess him so that I can put in place a variety of strategies once I have a good picture of his likes/dislikes etc. I have also been told that he was removed from another setting as mum felt they did not meet his needs. I look forward to any suggestions, thank you.
  5. Toileting

    we have brought wall decor stickers from B+M to jazz up our toilets, at least it gives us a conversation point when a child is practicing sitting on the toilet. They were really cheap and they had a few designs to choose from. Perhaps if you are not allowed to stick anything to the walls you could invest in some colourful posters.
  6. Child who eats everything

    we have had a child who had pica. They would eat loo roll, grit, mud, bits of anything they could find outside, we even saw him gnaw at a brick wall! at home he would eat coal, chew wood and all types of non foods. Its a hard thing to manage but we used to log it all and mum would give the evidence to her GP. I am not sure if they grew out of it as they left for school. His came on after the birth of a sibling, he was tested to see if he was deficient in minerals and vitamins but with no outcome.
  7. thanks x I have already got that information, it was an assessor from a course provider who mentioned it to my manager, who seemed convinced there was going to be a big review!
  8. I have been told that there are to be changes to the EYFS as of September this year, does anyone have any ideas where I can find information on this? I want to be ahead of the game before it all comes out. thanks
  9. we had a child who although younger than the one in your post, would lick, chew and crunch on almost anything he could find. He would do this when he thought we were not looking and was diagnosed with pica.
  10. New Statutory Framework published!

    thanks x emailed it right off to the manager x she is going to think I am such a devoted worker lol
  11. Celebrate your inspection! Autumn 2016

    We gained our very first outstanding! very very proud of the team I work with.
  12. A little advice needed

    I had this today, the child refused to let 2 members of staff change him, eventually they managed to change his pull up ( oh how I hate them!) and then he spent at least 15 mins trying to undress himself as a result! I spoke to his nan who picked him up, she says he is like that at home but she does not stand for any nonsense!!! I cannot physically hold him and change him single handed as I have an injury to my arm, it took 3 of us to manage it today! I think a conversation with his parents will have to take place when he is in next week!
  13. Thank you all x I have had a brief chat with mum but as you can imagine its all too raw and she is being supported by her family to care for the child I am supporting. Currently he is doing really well so I was able to reassure mum. I will research Winstons wish.
  14. I have a situation where I am supporting a 3 year old child who has lost a younger sibling. I am looking for information on emotional support for the child in pre-school if anyone can point me in the right direction, many thanks in advance .
  15. Settling 2 year olds

    we do pretty much the same, but our baseline is done with the parent's input, when they start, even when they say "oh yes! you can have a whole conversation with them" and it turns out you can't lol I record mine in red pen on the tracking sheet and then do my own assessment after 6 weeks.