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I will have to look but think it is part of our H & S policy that we ensure children with allergy do not have contact with allergen. That we post a list of children & their allergies and that the list is checked everyday before serving snack. We will administer medicines such as piriton if it has been prescribed.

Information about allergies must be given on all about me form prior to admission and that we may ask for further information.

The allergy must be diagnosed by a doctor. (That's important to stop parents just choosing to be extra careful with certain foods such as nuts and because we had a child whose diagnosis kept changing but when we asked for am ducal report turned put mum had not consulted anyone!)

We have children with lots of different allergies one child last year with Apple. We only serve water, milk and fruit so manage fairly well with that.

One little girl with dairy intolerance has a special cup partly to remind everyone not to give her milk but also so that she will drink.

Hope some of this helps.

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