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EYP V Early Years Teacher


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I acheived EYPS back in 2009 when it was known as Early Years Professional Status. As it is now known as Early Years Teacher...... are you calling yourself an Early Year Teacher or sticking to the old school term of EYP???!


It's more for the literature!



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Interesting to hear your opinions.

I've found this .......https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/improving-the-quality-and-range-of-education-and-childcare-from-birth-to-5-years/supporting-pages/early-years-teachers and it reads:


'Those who already hold early years professional status will be recognised as the equivalent of early years teachers.'

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Hi All

Had a conversation with my line manager today who said that OFSTED were saying that EYPS was not recognised as a Full and Relevant Level 3 qualification in order to manage a setting/be in ratio...I am no longer a Manager but may like to go back to it at some point....I hold a first degree in Social Sciences, An EYPS, a level 3 in Classroom assistance, a Level 3 in leadership and management and have 8 years experience of managing settings, I feel I can do a very good job of it but is my EYP 'full and relevant'?

On the GOV.UK website EYP is not even listed, but then a further site said it was so obviously full and relevant they didn't need to list it..in a bit of a panic now!


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