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Add remove or change for Children in need


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Right here we go.

Simple game anyone can play. The rules are very easy.

I start with a word. You can either add a letter, remove a letter or change a letter to make a new word.


So for example, if the word is part you can add a letter to make party; you can remove one to make pat or you can change one to make past.


the idea is to keep going with new words as long as possible.


There are a few rules:

no swear or rude words please

Proper nouns are accepted.

Try not to repeat previous entries.

You can add as often as you want but please just one word per post


We, the humble moderating team may offer random prizes for specific pre determined words. I will not graciously accept bribes of all kinds.

Please remember why we do these things. Donate to Children in need here



The next post will be the starting word.


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